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Ninja Spinki Challenges Is Latest Game From Flappy Bird Creator

Ninja Spinki Challenges

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Ninja Spinki Challenges Is Latest Game From Flappy Bird Creator

Ninja Spinki Challenges is a newly released mobile game that is set to rock the charts. For those not in the loop, this is credited to Dong Nguyen. He is the game developer behind 2014’s Flappy Bird mobile gaming title.

Ninja Spinki Challenges promises to be an exciting and better proposition as compared to Flappy Bird. Nguyen is known for releasing two other follow-ups after the latter lost its popularity. His mixture of twists, difficulties and unpredictable controls are somet hing that has left an unfavorable taste on gamers’ tongues.

This is the opinion of several experts who hope to change their minds with Ninja Spinki Challenges. The Verge reports that this new game gets a fusion of six interesting types into a single collection. This seems to be a more accessible and sophisticated collection courtesy the developer.

The Crux of the Game 

The game is available for both Android and iOS. It focuses on a ninja who is already being trained. This ninja is required to complete several vital tasks.

Successful completion will make him/her a competent warrior. Tasks include evading everything from bouncing cats to cannon fire. Other tasks include using a shuriken to hit targets.

These challenges all have specific timelines which make it even more exciting. You get to know your maximum survival time at the outset. Upon finishing the introduction challenge, you successfully unlock the second and harder challenge.

There are five more difficult versions of the same challenge available once you finish the first. You can also unlock the endless mode. This is possible for the very first time that you survive any one of these games.

You can also indulge your familiar game play styles as long as you continue getting points. PC Mag reports that the game comes with a signature Nguyen design. This encompasses accurate touch screen finger movements.

There is a new accessibility level on offer. The challenges are pretty easy to tackle as well. The game’s difficulty increases rapidly with the passage of time.

What Else Should You Know? 

The endless modes will also lure players. In the game involving bouncing cats, there is just one kitten to evade until you score 10. The second kitten comes into play only after this happens. Additionally, the method of advertising is also pretty novel.

Players can again commence failed challenges right from the earlier timer. However, they are required to watch 15 or 30 second video advertisements for this purpose. Nguyen has turned over a new leaf with this game.

His earlier game became viral for its tough challenges. However, players could never settle into tackling these difficulties. Now, things are more spaced out this time round.

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