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Nintendo NES Classic Hack: How To Add More Games

Nintendo NES Classic
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Nintendo NES Classic Hack: How To Add More Games

The Nintendo NES Classic mini edition only comes with 30 games. Though it may sound like a lot for some, for avid gamers, 30 games is just a small amount. Aside from the short controller cables, another thing that most gamers are griping about is its number of games.

But that problem finally has a solution now. Hackers in Japan and Russia found a way to add more games into the console. Although it isn’t legal and Nintendo did not approve it, the method is merely technical. Adding the games doesn’t require to touch the console’s hardware.

How To Add More Games In Nintendo NES Classic

To initiate the transfer of more games, the internal NES Classic data will be copied to a PC to modify the files that hold the old games. After that, the software is copied back to the console. One merely needs a Micro-USB cable to do the transfer, ArsTechnica reports.

After connecting the console to a computer via a USB cable, it is booted in “FEL” (a mode used in programming devices using USB) and then the information from the NES Classic is copied to the computer. It is then modified using a tool developed by Russian hacker madmonkey. The tool called “hakchi” overwrites the contents of the NES Classic.

“Leave as much as you can untouched and change only what is absolutely needed,” madmonkey said, according to Kotaku. Before adding more games, take note that this process might break the device and would void the warranty from Nintendo. But for those who are willing to take a risk, there is a detailed instruction available in Reddit.

Other Versions To Add Games In Nintendo NES Classic

After the release of madmonkey’s method, there are other new versions which came out. One of this is from a group called ARCADERU from Tyumen, Russia. The group uploaded a video on YouTube showing the process in detail.

Users who have tried out the simpler process of ARCADERU claimed that it worked for them. But the users are not sure if malware was also installed into their consoles. With that, those who would like to try this NES Classic hack should be careful with the possibilities of acquire viruses and malwares to their hard-to-find $60 mini NES Classic Edition.

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