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Nintendo NES Classic Price: How Much & How To Buy On Best Buy & Amazon Prime

Nintendo NES Classic


Nintendo NES Classic Price: How Much & How To Buy On Best Buy & Amazon Prime

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition was a hit the first time it was launched. Finding stock of the limited edition old school console is almost impossible even through online sellers. Good news is, Best Buy and Amazon Prime acquired a limited haul of the well-loved 80’s gadget starting Dec. 20.

How To Purchase The Nintendo NES Classic Edition On Best Buy

Best Buy will be displaying the console across its 1,000 stores in the US. Interested buyers should hurry, because the iconic family computer will be sold on a first-come-first served basis. The company wants to distribute their limited stocks to consumers as orderly as they can. To do this, they will be implementing a ticket system to all customers who wants to purchase the NES.

Consumers will be given a ticket which they need to present to the counter upon purchasing. There’s a limit of one NES Classic Edition per customer to avoid hoarding or selling the console at a higher price. The console can be purchased in Best Buy for $80.79.

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How To Purchase The Nintendo NES Classic Edition On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Now members are in for a treat. The Nintendo NES is offered to these consumers exclusively. Even increasing the standards by letting the Prime Now customers receive their package within two hours for free.

Compared to Best Buy, customers are allowed to buy as much consoles as they want. The NES Classic Edition can be purchased in Amazon from $171.64 onwards. Just head to the Amazon marketplace and choose from a number of sellers.

Details And Specs Of The NES Classic Console

The entertainment system stays true to the look and feel of the first edition console. The old school gamer is presented with a pre-installed library of 30 titles including Super Mario Bros., Pac-Man, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and Donkey Kong among others.

Nintendo changed some of the details to let gamers plug the system to modern technology. Some of the specs added are an HDMI cable to allow players to experience 8-bit gaming in an HD television. The classic controller can be attached into a Wii controller in case the player wants to play using the Wii system. The Wii controller can be purchased separately. Nintendo sells the console for $59.99.

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