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Nintendo New Games 2017: More Smartphone Games On The Way

Nintendo New Games 2017
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Smosh Games account

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Nintendo New Games 2017: More Smartphone Games On The Way

After Super Mario Run, the creators of the game are planning to release two to three Nintendo new games 2017.

Due to the the success that Super Mario Run garnered for only a few days time upon its release, Nintendo aims to follow up on its success in mobile gaming.

In an interview with Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, as cited in Mac World, they will proceed with this by launching two or three mobile games every year starting on 2017.

Nintendo New Games 2017

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/ProsafiaGaming account

Nintendo on Mobile Gaming

Since mobile gaming rendered a positive effect and a promising venture for Nintendo, the company would more likely depend on this type of platform for the years to come. This is possible most especially when players nowadays rely on smartphones for their gaming needs more often.

It is thus only appropriately fitting that Nintendo’s agenda be focused more on this aspect now that they are going to launch the Nintendo Switch next year. Thus, Nintendo new games 2017 are possibly in the works.

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Nintendo New Games 2017

Due to the developments and success of Nintendo, games in the likes of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing as cited in Uber Gizmo, may soon appear in the mobile game stores next year. Tasumi Kimishima promises two to three releases every year.

The gaming giant also aims to expand the number of paying players for next year. In addition, they will be introducing the basic software Android version in 2017.

Negative Feedback

Every game has its negative qualities. Aside from positive responses on Super Mario Run, there has been a major comment on the game’s price and payment structure. The first of the game’s six worlds is free but $10 should be paid to unlock the rest of the levels. $10 is a big price compared to other mobile games. Aside from this, the game also requires internet connection to function, which makes it difficult to enjoy.

But, we do hope that Nintendo learns from the negatives and will soon implement both the positive and negative outcomes of the Super Mario Run feedback into their mobile offers next year.

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