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Nintendo Switch Ad Leaks Developer Menu: Here’s What Happened

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Ad Leaks Developer Menu: Here’s What Happened

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most eagerly awaited consoles globally. In a recent development, a recent advertisement has leaked the console’s developer menu. Nintendo Portugal uploaded this video sometime earlier.

The Nintendo Switch commercial for the Super Bowl is already out. A local version of this commercial got uploaded courtesy of Nintendo Portugal. This accidentally leaked the developer menu for the Switch.

The company apparently missed out on removing footage of the developer menus as per Polygon. The leak of the Nintendo Switch developer menu is creating a huge stir online. The video has already been taken down.

More on the Leak

However, footage of the same has already been recorded by several online sources. Unofficial uploads have also surfaced though these can vanish anytime. The developer kits for the Switch showcase an indicator for battery percentage.

They also show automatic settings for brightness which is another novelty. Features like these are not witnessed on such retail offerings. The developer kits also get on-board storage of 64 GB. This is twice as big as commercial systems which offer 32 GB.

The mistake seems quite careless but natural. Nintendo usually gets in-game footage for advertisements during post production. The company usually provides developer kits to actors for playing with.

However, Nintendo will be looking to harness extra care and caution now. This pertains to shooting, editing and releasing commercials. Digital Trends reports that Nintendo has been following a new strategy. This relates to integrating game footage over the developer menu.

What Is Interesting Here

Nintendo has made a pretty fun video, actually. However, there are shots of the developer menu which are quite visible. However, these images do not really reveal a lot about the final Switch.

The 64 GB part does seem pretty interesting since consumer versions are reportedly getting 32 GB. Several consumers also highlight the automatic brightness setting. This will enable altering of the display for better visibility. It will also lead to greater savings in terms of battery power.

Nintendo will be careful to avoid any such lapses in the future. The Switch is going to be a game changer for the company in terms of sales volumes as per industry predictions.

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