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Nintendo Switch Buyer Guide: What You Need To Get With The Device

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Buyer Guide: What You Need To Get With The Device

The Nintendo Switch, the must-awaited device, is now up for sale. However, what should you buy with it? The question itself poses a lot of concerns for prospective Switch users. After all, the console-handheld hybrid might be a bit costly for some.

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest device. In fact, “device” is the best way to call it as it tries to become a console-handheld “hybrid.” This allows players to play games both on its handheld “version” and “switch” it to its console variation. This means players can bring the Switch anywhere, and play it anywhere with a television screen.

Interestingly, market hype for the Nintendo Switch reached very enthusiastic levels courtesy of its features. Third-party developers also said they want to release games for the Nintendo device. If their promises are true, then more than 50 titles are in development for the Switch. However, as a prospective buyer: should you get one?

Nintendo Switch: Before You Buy One

Gadgets 360 provides quite a comprehensive list of the primary statistics concerning the Switch. Some may already find its $299.99 price a tag a bit worrisome, and consumers have a point. After all, an average PlayStation 4 and Xbox One costs roughly $250.00.

While the Switch boasts better graphics than its predecessors the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, its performance does not even meet the standards of current-generation consoles. Granted, the Switch is a “hybrid” device, hence its price. However, prospective buyers may want to read Video Games Republic‘s piece on the device’s pros and cons before buying one.

Regardless, the Switch’s many features make it one of the most interesting devices of the decade. After all, its wide variety of games appear to make use of a ton of features that a small device couldn’t simply possibly perform – and miraculously, it does. It may be because of its many accessories.

Add-ons, Accessories

Other fans are concerned that the $299.99 price tag of the Switch may be a bit too much because this doesn’t have all the accessories they need. However, it is important to consider that this is because the add-ons depend on the kind of games players want in the first place. Gamers can look at Nintendo‘s official website for the full list of prices and bundles for the Switch. However, here is a brief overview of some them:

Aside from the device and the Joy-Con pair, the core Switch bundle contains the following:

  • The dock is where the Switch charges itself and connects with the television screen. Meanwhile, it has a respective Joy-Con grip that charges the Joy-Con and connects them into one “controller.”
  • It has an HDMI cable for fast-paced connections to the said television screen. It also has an AC adapter for charging.
  • There are wrist straps dedicated for the two pieces of Joy-Con.

However, there seems to be more add-ons that could be bought. According to Polygon, this may seem to inconvenience some players as they may choose to play their games with these instead. Meaning, they have to spend a few extra bucks for the following:

  • Racers may want to buy a Joy-Con Wheel, which costs $14.99 for a set of two. This allows them to play upcoming Switch racers like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • Another accessory is the Pro Controller, which others think should be the core controller with the device. This is the closest the Switch has with a console-oriented controller. It mimics the basic design of console controllers with the same functionality.
  • Players ought to want to buy a separate carrying case and screen protector as well if they want to use the Switch in public.
  • huge SD card may be needed if gamers want to play heavy-hitters like Dragon Quest Heroes 1 &2 which is 32GB in size. This is because the Switch’s main hard drive is also coincidentally just 32GB in space as well.

Additionally, players may want to consider getting a few more sets of controllers and Joy-Cons as a Switch bundle only accommodates one player. This can be extremely hassling for gamers who want to experience the multiplayer feature boasted by some of the Switch’s titles. Regardless, fans can also wait for official reviews to see if the Switch really is for them or not.

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