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Nintendo Switch May Have Cloud Save Feature

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch May Have Cloud Save Feature

Nintendo fans may have a few inquiries about the company’s hybrid device. However, it seems Nintendo Switch has other upcoming features. One of them might be a cloud saving feature.

The Switch had quite a rocky start since its March 3 release. Nintendo’s device is the first of its kind, capable of becoming both a console and a handheld at the same time. Given its nature, fans have been concerned over its hardware even before its release.

These concerns were confirmed after fans reported various problems with the Switch’s system. Aside from connection problems, a prominent issue lies with its memory. Fans do not seem to be able to choose where to save their game files, which Nintendo hopes to solve with a possible cloud save feature.

Nintendo Switch: Cloud Save

The news came courtesy of Reddit user Patsuann who has recently sent his Switch in for repairs. However, as he detailed in his thread, Nintendo gave back what appears to be a completely new device. His game saves were intact, but other features appear to be present.

Patsuann explained his previous Switch had Wi-Fi and Joy-Con connectivity issues. He claims a Nintendo custom service e-mail told him it would be easier if he received a new console instead of waiting for repairs. He was also surprised to see his saved games intact.

If this is the case, then Game Rant postulates that Nintendo may have some cloud feature in handy. This is because it was presumed local saved files can only be stored inside the Switch’s primary memory. If Nintendo was able to retrieve them for Patsuann, this means they were able to “transfer” it into somewhere else.

Of course, Nintendo has yet to make a confirmation about Patsuann’s case, so the cloud feature is still a rumor. However, this can bring in more fans to try the Switch as current generation consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also have cloud saving features.

Other News, Updates

The save problem is just one of the various issues still plaguing the Switch. However, this might be one of the most important. Players have found out that the games themselves choose whether to place their local files inside the Switch’s memory or to an external microSD card. This choice is important as the Switch only has 32GB of space.

Games like Dragon Quest 1 & 2 is also at least 32GB in size. This means players who want to play the game will most definitely have to play it via microSD. This can be potentially worrisome in the future as Nintendo did announce partnerships with both indie and big names in the industry.

If Nintendo does plan on adding new games, and features like Hulu or Netflix, then its memory problem needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not made any formal announcements on resolving this conflict. However, they did confirm that local files are for now saved in the device’s internal memory.

Meanwhile, Nintendo fans may get the company’s newest device in their nearest retailers. Players can also check this list of confirmed Nintendo Switch titles so far.

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