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Nintendo Switch Event: When, Livestream & What to Expect

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Event: When, Livestream & What to Expect

Nintendo fans ought to buckle up for a major announcement. Here are the details of the Nintendo Switch event livestream and future games. This is in anticipation for quite the spectacle, courtesy of gaming giant Nintendo and its new console.

Fans will very well remember the hype with the incoming Nintendo Switch console. It is after all the first Nintendo console to have full third-party support. Meaning, there’s a big chance that big titles such as Skyrim (Bethesda Softworks) and NBA (2K Games) are bound to arrive in the new console.

However, fans will only get to know after they watch the actual livestream of Nintendo’s showcase. Although the presenters will be speaking in Japanese, the livestream will have English voice overs. It will be livestreamed from Tokyo Big Sight, the largest convention center in Japan.

Nintendo Switch: Livestream Details

Fans will be able to view the livestream fresh from three sources, namely:

  • Nintendo, which will be the source of all the other livestreams
  • Twitch, perhaps the world’s leading gaming streaming platform, and
  • YouTube

According to Polygon, the event may more or less last for an hour. This is based from the fact that the PlayStation 4 announcement courtesy of Sony lasted for about two hours, last February 2013. The news conference for Microsoft’s Xbox One in May the same year was an hour.

Another Polygon article added the event may more or less finally reveal its launch date and prices worldwide. Hopefully the event will also cover some of the first games to be included in the Switch. After all, Nintendo did tease 48 big-name developers in their October 20 Switch event.

More Details Incoming

After the event, fans can expect a private, hands-on event in New York on Friday, January 13. This will reveal more information about the new console as well. Chances are, the pre-orders for the console will be available after this.

Take note that you ought to follow the following retailers for more details on the Switch and its technical aspects: Amazon, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart and Best Buy. Meanwhile, here is a video so far of what we know of the Nintendo Switch:

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