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Nintendo Switch Friend System: Here’s How It Works

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Friend System: Here’s How It Works

The Nintendo Switch has officially come out and people still do not know how some of its features work. One particular feature that future Switch owners want to know is how its friend system would work.

Nintendo announced before that the Switch will offer different ways to add a friend. On its Day One update for the console, it revealed at least three ways to add a friend on the Nintendo Switch.

Different Ways to Add a Friend in Nintendo Switch

In a report by IGN, the three methods that people can use include “Search of Local User,” “Search for User You’ve Played With,” and “Search with Friend Code.” It means that a local connection or an internet connection may be used to add friends.

Nintendo had also included another one, “Friend Suggestions,” such as those from social media. In a report by GameRant, it explained how these various friend adding options would work:

  • Searching with Friend Code – it would allow users to send a one-way friend request to a specific friend. It would display the sender’s profile picture and Nintendo Account Name in the request. However, it would not any option to attach a message.
  • Search for Local Users – if two users are in the near proximity of each other, they can connect their consoles wirelessly and add each other as friends. It would first have both tchoose the same colored card in order for the connection to proceed.
  • Search of User You’ve Played With – the system would display the list of Nintendo Account Names that the user has played with recently in a multiplayer game.
  • Friend Suggestion – an indirect way of looking for friends where Nintendo automatically lists of recommended users based on additional details. It currently recommends users who are friends in both Miitomo and Super Mario Run.

Nintendo Switch: Linking Account to Social Media

Aside from the above-mentioned ways to add a friend, Nintendo had also revealed that they plan on adding other methods as well. The company plans to match those connected via Twitter or Facebook in the Friend Suggestion.

It would mean that Nintendo Switch users would have to link their account to social media. Nintendo also plans on doing the same for the Wii U and 3DS NNID provided that the same are also connected to their accounts.

However, Nintendo has not yet provided a release date for “link to social media” feature. The company decided to stick with the same 12-digit code way of looking for users instead of the more commonly used gamer tag.

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