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Nintendo Switch Games Launch Line Up May Be The Best In Nintendo History

Nintendo Switch Games
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Nintendo Switch Games Launch Line Up May Be The Best In Nintendo History

Nintendo’s new device got a mixed reception from both fans and critics. However, a lot seemed impressed with the Nintendo Switch games lineup. Interestingly, is this enough compensation for what others think are various problems with the hybrid machine?

Gamers heard about the Switch’s rather interesting features. This made a lot of eyes and ears turn towards the hybrid device. The device is, in fact, a hybrid console handheld. Players can access the machine’s titles with an external monitor and as a portable device.

This is quite the interesting selling point, which is a first in the industry. This also made a lot of critics and fans worried about its potential lineup. However, it appears the Nintendo Switch games released with the device are the best in the company’s releases.

Nintendo Switch Games: Comparing Launches

The news came courtesy of the Nintendo Subreddit. A user named ChildofValhalla argued that the games that came with the Switch were actually the best ever in terms of Nintendo’s device releases. His argument also came with a handy infographic.

The infographic marked every game that released with every Nintendo device. His argument begins with the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983. Polygon explains that the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 only had a handful of launch games. Meanwhile, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System made its way to the hearts of gamers with Super Mario World.

Japan met Nintendo 64 with a lineup of only three games, two of which were made available in the United States. However, despite the weak lineup, the ’64 did mark the release of Super Mario 64. Interestingly, Super Mario 64 appears to be the most recognizable title for the device. This can be a similar parallel to the Switch, which has Breath of the Wild as its most-hyped release entry.

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What About the Switch

The Switch has a total of 20 games for its lineup during its March 3 release. However, players were not able to access all these games during the first day. For instance, gamers who want Puyo Puyo Tetris will have to acquire a Japanese Nintendo account. Regardless, the device is region-free, meaning no Switch game will ever have region blocking.

This feature alone makes it an interesting device to acquire. This implies future releases will no longer have problems being localized with a Western release. Players often complain that a lot of “good” titles are inaccessible to fans because of region blocking.

Regardless, some fans may argue that even the Switch had fewer launch titles than the Wii U. It can be remembered that Breath of the Wild will be the last Wii U title as the device stopped production. Does this pose an ill omen to the Switch?

Not necessarily, according to ChildofValhalla. His infographic elaborated that the Switch compensated with the quality of its few titles. This appears to be a good move for Nintendo, as it did secure the support of third-party developers. This will mark the arrival of more games that can increase the sales – and therefore the survival rate – of the Switch for the next few years.

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