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Nintendo Switch Games Lineup To Include Oceanhorn: What To Expect

Nintendo Switch Games
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Nintendo Switch Games Lineup To Include Oceanhorn: What To Expect

Oceanhorn is going to be a part of the Nintendo Switch Games lineup. It is now confirmed that this role playing game (RPG) is coming to the popular console. Game publisher FDG Entertainment states that Oceanhorn is soon launching for a “Nintendo console.”

This is taken as final confirmation of the Switch being the chosen platform. The Nintendo Switch Games lineup is going to be more attractive with this addition. The game is pretty similar to the Legend of Zelda in terms of gameplay and other factors according to many.

The Nintendo Switch Games addition is now confirmed through this statement by FDG. Here, the company states how its game will work “beautifully on the powerful Switch.” Release dates remain a mystery as of late.

More Information on the Game 

However, a 2017 release is definitely happening as per GameSpot. The Nintendo Switch is launching on the 3rd of March, 2017. Even Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a launch title for the console.

Oceanhorn already possesses good appeal amongst gamers. It is available for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. A Vita version is also being worked upon. The developer of this exciting game is Cornfox & Bros.

A sequel is already in the pipeline courtesy their statement in August 2016. Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Realm makes use of a third person camera. This is radically different from the top-down viewing perspective seen in the original game.

Cornfox also states that the game is using similar “elements that were the heart and soul of the first Oceanhorn game.” He talks of an intense “backstory with secrets and twists” in tandem with great music. There is also going to be a “colorful world” with “puzzles, battles, and badass bosses” among other attractions.

Twin Finite confirms that FDG Entertainment is launching Oceanhorn for Nintendo Switch. There are widespread comparisons of the game with the Legend of Zelda. However, the game will go up against the same when the Switch releases this year.

More on the Storyline & Release Date

The Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas game tracks the mission of a boy. He travels through several islands. He is searching for his missing father, which is the crux of the storyline.

Fans are now waiting eagerly for news of an official release date. As mentioned, the game is due for a launch in 2017. The game is certainly evoking huge interest amongst fans and has all the makings of a bestseller.

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