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Nintendo Switch Games & Price: Full List Of Confirmed Titles So Far

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Games & Price: Full List Of Confirmed Titles So Far

More developers are announcing new games for the Nintendo Switch. This makes for a sign of good things to come when the new gaming console unveils in March. Here is a list of confirmed titles that can be played once the Switch hits the shelves next year.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

Players are bound to explore the wilds of Hyrule once the much awaited Zelda game hits the shelves. It is originally slated to launch with the Nintendo Switch, but the rumored release is in June 2017. The game can be preordered from $59.99 via online retailers posted in the official website.

Super Mario Switch 

A spectacular trailer of an untitled Super Mario game was released with the Switch last October. Nintendo have not revealed details about the price and the new Mario title, but the teasers were too enticing to ignore. Some of the scenes that caught the attention of the fans are the Mexican Day themed village, and the group gameplay feature.

Mario Kart Switch 

Mario Kart was also included in the Switch trailer. Based on the teaser, racers can now grasp two items compared to one in the early Kart games. Fans continue to hope that a playable King Boo, and new characters will be included in the next installment. Nintendo have not announced the release date and price of the game.

Splatoon Switch 

The next installment of the game will be a sequel of the original Splatoon. Some of the features seen in the trailer are a new stage, and countless gear items such as pants and trousers. Players can also design their characters by changing their hairstyles. The game is rumored to be priced at $45.28 based on the retail price of the Wii U version.

Dragon Quest X

Yosuke Saito confirmed that Dragon Quest will be available for Nintendo Switch. Square Enix’s next role-playing game will be joining the MMORPH Dragon Quest X series. There is no confirmed release date yet but fans are expecting that it will be unveiled in 2017. The game is rumored to be priced at $44.97 based on the retail price of the Playstation 4 version.

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest 11: In Search of Departed Time will be available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and Switch in 2017. The picturesque chibi-like game developed by Square Enix is rumored to be the lead offering for Dragon Quest’s 30th anniversary. The game giant have not announced the release date and price of the game yet.

Just Dance 2017

Trying to lose a pound or two? Switch features a new game that weight-conscious gamers will truly love. Ubisoft confirmed that Just Dance 2017 will be released on Oct. 25, 2016. Some of the new songs included in the game are Cheap Thrills (Sia), Don’t Wanna Know (Maroon 5), and Into You (Ariana Grande). Ubisoft will be announcing the price of Just Dance 2017 soon.

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Project Sonic 2017 

SEGA confirmed that Sonic will be in the Switch at the July 2016 San Diego Comic Conference. The teaser trailer hints that the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog will be battling enemies alongside a new companion. The game is slated to launch in Christmas 2017. Sega will be announcing the price of Project Sonic 2017 soon.

SteamWorld Switch

The steam-driven robots of the post-apocalyptic game will be making a comeback in the Switch. Image and Form have not released the details yet but it is confirmed that fans can race and battle with the robots in the new game console.

Lego City: Undercover

Chase McCain’s adventures will not be played exclusively on Wii U anymore. Lego City: Undercover will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam on Spring 2017. Pre-order date and price will be revealed soon.


Yooka Laylee‘s colorful world will be available in 2017. Playtonic changed the platform from Wii U to the Switch due to technical difficulties.  Nonetheless, the developer will release more details in early 2017.

Seasons of Heaven

Nico Augusto’s novel guides the enthralling world of Seasons of Heaven. Players need to guide Yann and Ani in the post-apocalyptic adventure through a series of challenges in the game. The release date of the first Switch-exclusive game have not been announced.

Stardew Valley

The well-known farming simulation game is arriving to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Stardew Valley players can cultivate the vast land, while building friendships in the town. The release date for the Switch is slated to be announced in early 2017.

GameCube Games

The game giant confirmed that a slew of titles are getting the green light once the Switch hit the shelves. GameCube Games confirmed that Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing will be added in the lineup together with Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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