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Nintendo Switch Games To Include Pokemon Title

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Games To Include Pokemon Title

What is a Nintendo console without a Pokemon title? Trainers rejoice, it appears the Nintendo Switch will have a Pokemon title after all. This is after what appears to be a tease from a top retailer nationwide.

The news that the Nintendo Switch will have third-party support has increased clamor for a Pokemon title to be included in the game. After all, it appears to be a very intriguing concept to have other Nintendo Switch games on the Nintendo console. This is, after all, given that Nintendo appears to appeal to a largely different demographic than other consoles.

However, it seems our wishes may actually be coming true. We may be getting a Switch iteration of a Pokemon game. Still, just what game will it be?

Nintendo Switch Games: Sun and Moon Sequel?

A recent post on GameStop teases what appears to be a new game in development for the Switch. Given that the Switch will have a January 12 event, we can strap our bags and wait for an official announcement there. Regardless, more gamers are constantly looking for updates regarding the news.

NeoGAF users were able to save the listing before it was removed on the website. Apparently, this game will give players the opportunity to play the game “at home.” This completely puts another new question on the realm of Pokemon for the console.

It can be remembered that rumors on the next game for the Switch appears to be an expansion for Sun and Moon. However, it seems these rumors may not be true after all. Still, other games were also teased in the posting.

New Games?

Aside from the confirmed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild events, there are other Nintendo Switch games in the listing as well. The GameSpot listing reveals that aside from Mario and Splatoon, we may be even able to see NBA and Skyrim on the Switch.

According to Game Rant, if this is to be believed, then it truly seems the games are in development for the Switch. Regardless, given that GameSpot has been using the franchise names. If they’re using them other than the games themselves, perhaps the rumors can be taken with a grain of salt.

Still, it’s only reasonable for fans to expect a Pokemon game on the Switch. After all, given that the franchise is one of Nintendo’s mainstays, it only makes sense for the Nintendo Switch to have one. For excited fans, here’s another trailer for the Switch:

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