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Nintendo Switch Sales May Surpass Wii Numbers – Reasons & Main Selling Points

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Sales May Surpass Wii Numbers – Reasons & Main Selling Points

The Nintendo Switch may be out to conquer a new milestone. If sales projections continue, then Nintendo’s device may outperform the Wii. Players can use this as a deciding factor before purchasing the new platform.

The Nintendo Switch made a lot of heads turn since its conception as “Nintendo NX.” The device itself hints towards a revolution, as it can act both as a console and as a handheld. This can finally put Nintendo on an equal playing field with gaming hardware giants Sony and Microsoft.

However, Nintendo also has another ally on their side: retailers. It appears sales for the Switch may surpass even that of the Wii, if projections are correct.

Nintendo Switch: Surpassing the Wii

The news came courtesy of Eric Bright, GameStop’s senior director of merchandising. He told GameRant in an interview that the Switch is a “transformational piece of technology.” He added that the device may eventually surpass the Wii.

This is no mere feat, as the Wii has currently sold over 100-million units globally as of this year. Bright added that while there are no firm numbers yet, the Switch did have the highest attach rates of software and accessories to a device so far.

Interestingly, Nintendo originally just projected two-million units sold this March. They also said 40-million units may only be sold through 2021. This is quite far from the 100-million units of the Wii, but definitely an improvement from the Wii U’s measly 13-million sales worldwide.

In terms of challenges, this is definitely a win for Nintendo. One of the Switch’s launch games, Breath of the Wild, will serve as the last Nintendo title for the Wii U. Nintendo has stopped the production of Wii U last year.

A New Challenge

However, it appears fans are still skeptical of the Switch’s performance. A survey from The Market for Computer & Video Games  (MCV) states that only 32-percent of people in the United Kingdom who heard of the Switch wanted to buy the device. Assuming the Switch is planning to overtake the Wii eventually, this might be a rough ride.

First of all, the challenge is on top of present hardware issues on the device. It has a particular memory problem that does not allow users to choose where to save their games. There are also persistent connectivity issues on some of its controllers. Its steep price tag is also a tough sell for curious gamers, which means it may take a while before players take a liking to the Switch.

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