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Nintendo Switch Online App: How It Works With Your Smartphone

Nintendo Switch Online
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Nintendo account


Nintendo Switch Online App: How It Works With Your Smartphone

A Nintendo Switch online smartphone app is coming. This will take place on March 3, 2016. The app is said to control matchmaking for the newest gaming console.

Smartphone App

Nintendo means risky business with the smartphone app. It seeks to accompany the Nintendo Switch with the app. The Nintendo Switch online app will include chat capacities. It will also be used for matchmaking in the games.

According to Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America President, the Nintendo Switch online services will be particularly helpful for players who prefer on-the-go gameplay on the Switch. In an interview with GameSpot, Fils-Aime talked about the functions of the online app and “the smart phone app that we’re creating, that will be part of our online service, we believe is going to be a very compelling part of the overall proposition because that’s how you’ll voice chat, that’s how you’ll do your matchmaking, and create your lobby.” Fils-Aime also thinks that the app is an elegant remedy for on-the-go gamers. He illustrated a situation where this would be applicabl: “…you’ve put yourself in a hotspot, you’re looking at get a quick match of Mario Kart in, to whip out some sort of bulky, gamer headset is a bit of a challenge.”

Users React

Some potential users of the Nintendo Switch along with the online smartphone app said that the app may be frustrating. The use of two different devices when they prefer to use one easy device does not appear “elegant”. Rather, it seems to hassle the users.

Nintendo Switch OnlinePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Nintendo account

On a brighter note, some think that this lends freedom to users to help them handle the interface of the gaming console and app. The app will also be a good way to extend screen space beyond what the Nintendo Switch offers. Of course, these optimistic consumers hope that the system will work as properly and as smoothly as expected and as planned by Nintendo. Fans and Nintendo Switch users are still excited about the arrival of the Nintendo Switch. Some are also excited about how the app will work out with the console as a whole system.

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