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Nintendo Switch Price May Cost $300, 15 Launch Games Hinted

Nintendo Switch Price
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Nintendo Switch Price May Cost $300, 15 Launch Games Hinted

Players may be excited to know that the Nintendo Switch price and some of its games have been revealed prior to the Switch’s event. However, the list of games may detail some cause of concern for some gamers. Regardless, this “leak” can be a good estimate to the projected price of the console.

The Nintendo Switch can be remembered to be the first of Nintendo’s consoles to support full-on third party developers. This means big titles such as NBA 2K (2K Games) and even Skyrim (Bethesda Softworks) can arrive in the handheld-console hybrid. Still, can it exceed the Wii U’s rather dismal reviews?

Be sure to check out our details on the full Nintendo Switch event for Nintendo Switch price updates and more details. However, let’s go full in-depth with the scope of the price “leak” and if it holds any credence. Make sure to take these with a grain of salt, as none of these have been confirmed by Nintendo yet.

Nintendo Switch Price: Reasonable?

According to a “leak” courtesy of Target, the Nintendo Switch price is pegged to be around $300. This is from Twitter user Wario64, who said the price tag is for pre-order. This is an interesting prospect given the console appears to have a March launch.

The Target rumor is just one of many that put an immediate price estimate on Nintendo’s newest console. Others pegged it to be as low as $150, to more mid-range prices such as $250. Still, fans are concerned about the quality of the specs given its price.

This $299 price tag is closer to the estimate of gamers and financial analysts from Nintendo’s new device. Another rumor, this time from Walmart, said the console may be priced $499.

Launch Games?

According to Game Rant, Nintendo may actually reveal 15 launch games alongside the price of the Nintendo Switch. Of course, this is considering that the Switch may actually directly compete with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Still, its specs so far reveal so much to be desired.

Sadly, not much is known about the supposed 15 games that will be launched with the Switch. Although fans can easily speculate that this means the Switch may have them in “bundled” sets. This implies that the Switch may actually be released at a higher price, given that some of these games may be bundled with them.

Meanwhile, here is a video so far of what we know of the Nintendo Switch:

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