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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Console Runs Slower When Undocked

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Console Runs Slower When Undocked

More specification leaks have been revealed for the Nintendo Switch or NX following the previous one, and this time the upcoming console is said to be slower when undocked.

Nintendo had already announced a live streaming date for January 12 around a week ago. However, it was immediately followed up by a supposed leak just within a few days. This gave the probability for the NX to have a lower price.

The first leaks had revealed how the upcoming hybrid console would have weaker specifications compared to other consoles that are of the same generation or even preceded it. This time around, there is a theory concerning the speed of the console whenever undocked.

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NX CPU speed

The NX has two performance configurations; docked mode and undocked mode. According to the leaks, the CPU power is the same whether the NX is in docked mode or portable mode. This makes the switch from home console to handheld mode consistent.

NX GPU speed

However, it isn’t the same thing when it comes to GPU speed. The GPU speed is 768MHz when docked. On the other hand, it lowers to 307.2MHz when in portable tablet mode.

If this is the case, the most likely outcome for the games would be either:

  1. Lower specifications for games compared to the full potential the NX has to offer. This is in order to switch from home console mode and portable console mode with ensured consistency.
  2. Release two versions of a game. One for the docked version and one for the undocked version.

The second possible option appears to be impractical and defeat the main purpose of the NX. However, instead of relying on theories, it’s best to wait for official information to be released.

The leaks are reported in Game Spot and BGR.

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