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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Here’s Why It May Be Stronger Than You Thought

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Here’s Why It May Be Stronger Than You Thought

Nintendo Switch has been one of the hottest topics in the gaming community since it was announced. Now that the year is almost coming to a close, a huge rumor about Nintendo’s newest portable console has put it again on the center of attention, especially now that the PlayStation 4 Pro release is out of the way. If rumors are true, Switch will contain more power than initially expected.

Is the 1080 pixel resolution true?

It was previously reported that the upcoming Switch console will sport a 6.2-inch 720-pixel touchscreen in the center. A famous tech website mentioned that the 1280×720 pixel resolution was when it is undocked. This resulted to the speculation that when it is docked will it give out a better resolution because of the increased GPU speed.

According to a report by Digital Trends, the console may be capable to display games in 1080p on television. However, famous Wall Street Journal technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki went on Twitter to release information and debunk the rumor. He was apparently told by a research analyst that the Switch would even downscale games in wide quad high definition.

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Emily Rogers, a Nintendo insider, contradicted Mochizuki’s claim and said that the system would actually only use a 720 pixel resolution to conserve battery life. She further said that the console would not only be able to display in 1080 pixels in its docked configuration but it can potentially display 4k also.

Nintendo Switch upgrade from 3DS

Takashi Mochizuki also mentioned that instead of using USB-C technology, it will have DisplayPort. That would make the internal bus speed to 5GB per second. It would mean that the upcoming portable console will be more responsive that the previous one. Nintendo 3DS only had 128 Mbps. Because of the increased speed, Switch will be able to quickly send information to a television resulting in minimal input lag, as reported by Nintendo Life.

Nintendo has not issued an official statement about the resolution issue but it is expected that the company will release one soon.

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