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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs May Sell For Less Than $250 In Japan

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Price & Specs May Sell For Less Than $250 In Japan

In a major development of sorts, the Nintendo Switch price could be lower than $250 in Japan. Before you jump up in glee, this is only speculation by Nikkei. It could well be something of a ballpark price point.

The Nintendo Switch price has been predicted by Nikkei at ¥25,000. This works out to approximately $215 in lieu of present exchange rates. The top newspaper had predicted the Nintendo DSi launch earlier.

The prediction regarding the launch price of the Wii U had also been quite close. Major details of the 3DS had also been predicted successfully by Nikkei in the past. This is why its latest predictions on the Nintendo Switch price are being taken seriously by fans.

Will these prices be accurate?

Whenever Nintendo has released teasers of any product, Nikkei has done the same thing. It has always reported any key point a little before the official unveiling of the product. Engadget reports that the predicted low price should lead to robust sales figures for the Switch.

Japanese gaming enthusiasts are definitely excited. However, this may not be the final price point. While Nikkei has predicted prices successfully in the past, exchange rates may fluctuate.

Global pricing may not even be directly linked to the exchange rates in question. The Wii U came at a price of $299 upon its launch in the United States. Due to the Yen figures, the prices in Japan stood at around ¥26,250.

This made the Japanese version costlier than the models launched in the United States. The Yen’s exchange rates at the time were responsible for this development. Prospective customers would do well to take $250 as an average figure.

More Information on the Launch

More information on the Switch should be announced by Nintendo on the 13th of January. The Switch will also take on the PS4 and Xbox One globally. Both these consoles have seen prices being lowered.

Daily Tech Whip has confirmed that Nikkei has indeed announced this figure as an expected price.

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