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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs Not A 3DS Replacement

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs Not A 3DS Replacement

The Nintendo Switch will be coming to stores soon, meaning there’s a lot of contention in the market. However, is it just a 3DS replacement? Nintendo says otherwise.

This interesting tidbit came from an interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Amie. The conversation hoped to clarified some confusion that fans have with the newest console of Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch and its entire concept is, after all, strange if not evolutionary.

The most important question of all is just what kind of role will the Switch take in the systems of players? After all, the Nintendo Switch specs appear to be rather confusing. Its battery life away from the dock has been attacked, as it seems to demand constant recharging.

Nintendo Switch: 3DS Clone?

According to an interview with Fils-Amie with Wired, the Switch is a portable device. However, it’s a “home console you can take with you on the go.” He even added the Switch and the 3DS will be “living” side-by-side.

This means the Switch is not necessarily the “next step” of the 3DS. Nintendo then clearly believes that the Switch ought to be used within the homes of gamers. This also means the mobile functionality is just an added bonus for players.

The interview should clarify Nintendo’s stance that the 3DS is not “obsolete.” This also explains why the Switch does not support Miiverse and Street Pass, as they are exclusively 3DS features. Fils-Amie’s explanation will definitely gamers decide whether or not the system is for them.

What to Expect?

The Switch is already making waves worldwide with anticipation from players, fans and critics. The Switch appears to have already sold out at GameSpot. This, according to Game Rant, is clearly an indication of demand for Nintendo’s newest device.

Not to mention, hardcore gaming fans can expect The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario making new arrivals in the Switch. This even led to the anticipation for more games, despite the hefty ones in the presentation. There are doubts on the Switch’s system, for sure, but it has budding potential.

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