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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Official SD Cards 3x More Expensive

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Official SD Cards 3x More Expensive

As per latest news reports, the Nintendo Switch SD cards will be costlier than you think! Yes, these are set to be priced at least three times more than regular counterparts. HORI is now the official Nintendo partner for officially branded Switch cards.

The Nintendo Switch is launching in March 2017 as per reports. There is widespread excitement and anticipation relating to the console amongst gamers. The news of costlier SD cards may prove to be a dampener though.

The Nintendo Switch 32 GB SD card is priced at around $70. The hard drive for the console only supports a maximum of 32 GB. The Xbox One and PS4 hard drives offer up to 500 GB.

Are the Prices Really Too High? 

The storage space may suffice for players as per Forbes. This is because cartridges do not really need humungous data written for the HD. It is a logical move by Nintendo to retail its own branded cards.

These cards are initially being launched in Japan with the console. However, they are set to be extended to the US market as well. Coming to the price of the 32 GB official SD card, it is simply too high.

Amazon is currently selling a premium 32 GB SD card at just $23. In case you wish to buy a more affordable card, you only need $10. The sky high prices are something fans are still trying to figure out.

Many players may not see sense in buying official SD cards priced three times higher than regular versions. It may not be worth the extra money and Nintendo’s reasons for the price point are unknown. Also, the fun part is that these cards are not proprietary options for the console.

Any other SD card will work just fine with the Switch. Nintendo fans are already used to getting SD storage. However, it does seem a little back dated to release a console with a mere 32 GB worth of storage.

Why Is This Necessary? 

Despite such, this may be a necessary strategy for keeping the Switch affordable as per N4G. The prices of the Switch are going to be lower than $300. As a result, relying on comparatively lower storage space may have been the only option.

The Switch does have decent storage in comparison to entry level Xbox One and PS4 models. It is definitely a major achievement on part of Nintendo to ensure the same at this price. The hard drive of the Switch can now be doubled up. However, the high pricing is bound to be a deterrent for many buyers.

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