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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Promotions May Begin By Next Week

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Promotions May Begin By Next Week

A day closer to the end of this year is one day closer to the official reveal of the Nintendo Switch. The event is set to happen on January 12, 2017. There are reports which suggest that Nintendo is now gearing up for the promotion of the console speculated to happen next week.

Details about Nintendo Switch early promotion

Although the frequent publishing of stories about the upcoming Nintendo portable console is one way of promoting it, the official one is rumored to start next week. It will be about a week before the console’s official reveal on the 12th of January.

According to a report by WWG, an insider confirmed that Gamestop retail stores are preparing the promotional items for the console. Display boxes, stands and posters are said to be included in the shipment of materials. However, there was no mention of any demo stations.

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These demo stations are expected to pop up when the official release of Nintendo Switch is near, which is some time before March 2017. The report about the early promotion was from a YouTube channel named GoNintendo. It is not an official account of Nintendo and is unclear if it is in any way affiliated with the tech giant.

Nintendo and Gamestop have yet to confirm this rumor. Putting up the promotional materials early would not be an impossible feat, especially considering the fact that there is currently an early promotional bandwagon happening in the gaming world. One of the upcoming games in the industry recently joined this bandwagon, Red Dead Redemption 2.

In other news, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is also speculated to be available for pre-order soon. The official release date of the said game has not been revealed yet. However, the pre-order status is rumored to go first before the announcement of the release date.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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