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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Retailer Leaks Pre-Order Price Point

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Price & Specs: Retailer Leaks Pre-Order Price Point

The Nintendo Switch price has been a matter of huge speculation amongst fans. There has been no definite information on the price of this eagerly awaited console. However, major retailer Argos may have accidentally leaked the price of the same.

The Nintendo Switch price may have accidentally been leaked by Argos as per reports. Argos has already opened its pre-orders for this coveted console. However, it has also given another sharp hint of the expected pricing point.

The Nintendo Switch price point is expected to be around $367.44 as per estimates. Nintendo Insider reports that the website at Argos is inviting registrations of interest. Additionally, the in-store displays are also putting up the console for pre-orders.

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What Can Be The Expected Price?

However, the price may also change as has been indicated by the retailer. Is this a leak of the actual price point of the Nintendo Switch? Sources definitely seem to think so. In another development, the console has been priced at approximately $243.89 by GameSeek.

There is also a pre-order guarantee and this price may be close to what GAME eventually finalizes. There are rumors of a basic unit priced at around $245.64 with another priced at approximately $307.15.

The latter is expected to get greater internal storage capabilities in tandem with a bundled game. Additionally, the price point for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller could be $49.13 approximately.

When Will The Console Be Launched?

My Nintendo News has also confirmed that Argos may have leaked the actual price point of the console. The official launch of the console is scheduled for the 12th of January 2017. The broadcast will take place at 8 PM PT on the 12th.

These recent developments and purported leak by Argos have sent fans into a tizzy. There is widespread speculation on the final price point of the Nintendo Switch. This console is set to be one of the hot sellers for the company in the New Year.

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