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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs Update: Console May Have Non-Removable Battery

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs Update: Console May Have Non-Removable Battery

Just two weeks from now, there will be more information about the upcoming portable console, Nintendo Switch. People from around the world are excited for the January 12 event because apart from what was revealed during the October launch, not much information was made available since then.

However thanks to dataminers and persistent reporters, a new filing at the Federal Communications Commission or FCC may have just leaked what the upcoming console will be like. For the most part, it gave people an idea on what the Switch has that will most likely make people disappointed.

Non-removable battery

The idea of putting a non-removable battery in a Nintendo Switch unit is a big surprise. It can be remembered that Nintendo faced a huge upset with the Wii U gamepad before because of its batteries. The main issue was it was dying too fast. That is why Nintendo released an easy to install battery pack that boosts up playing time to eight hours.

Now how does that relate to the non-removable battery of the Switch? Well, that only means that a battery pack could not help the unit if it proves to have a poor battery life. As what Engadget reported, people will not be able to upgrade the unit’s playtime. On top of that, there is also the issue of frying the battery when it is plugged. Although it is a rookie mistake, it happens to a lot of people.

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And when it does happen with the upcoming portable console, it will be hard and expensive to have the battery replaced. It becomes even harder if Nintendo chooses to seal the unit at the front where it will pose a big risk of breaking the screen when opening the unit to replace the battery.

A production prototype was used for the FCC filing which made some reports speculate that some specs might still be changed for the final unit. Siliconera, however, pointed out that the prototype was created to be the equivalent of the final product.

Nintendo Switch is set to be released in March 2017.

Interested to see the official FCC filing? Click here.

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