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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs Vs Xbox Scorpio: Which Console Is Better

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Nintendo Switch Price & Specs Vs Xbox Scorpio: Which Console Is Better

The Nintendo Switch price is a matter of huge speculation amongst fans. Fans are excited about the release of this console. The same is true for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio from Microsoft. There is now a huge debate regarding which console to choose over the other.

Which is better? Will the Nintendo Switch price play a vital role in weaning away Xbox Scorpio buyers? There are several interesting aspects to take a look at. The Nintendo Switch is expected to arrive earlier than the Scorpio in 2017.

The Xbox Scorpio will be targeting the market captured by the Playstation brand. However, Nintendo has clarified that the Nintendo Switch price will be radically different and so will the target market.

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Does the Scorpio Score Over the Switch?

The Xbox Scorpio is being billed as the most powerful gaming console ever made as per Value Walk. 6 Tflop of power is a daunting statistic and if Microsoft delivers amazing specifications, the claim may come true.

Nintendo takes a different approach to the Switch. The company will opt for innovation as the major USP over fabulous hardware. The Switch will be a different console, offering something to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Microsoft is hinting at the Xbox Scorpio outstripping the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of performance. The console may get a similar AMD custom chip as the Pro. However, output is billed to be much higher. There may also be a superfast processor along with 320 Gbps of memory bandwidth.

There will be support for 4K gaming in case of the Xbox Scorpio as well. The Switch may come at a very competitive pricing point. There will also be several exclusive titles from Nintendo on offer here. This may well tilt buyers away from the Scorpio.

Which One Should You Buy? 

Iconic games like Zelda or the Mario series will be exclusively available for the Switch. Buyers who desire the most powerful experience will choose the Scorpio. However, those who prefer cost competitiveness and more casual experiences will choose the Switch.

On the other hand, as per Forbes, the PS4 Pro did not exactly set markets on fire. As a result, Nintendo promises great visuals and convenience. The Scorpio promises graphical upgrades that promise to elevate gaming to another level. However, both consoles should see reasonable success as per experts.

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