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Nintendo Switch Price, Specs: When & Where To Play Console Before Release Date

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Price, Specs: When & Where To Play Console Before Release Date

Nintendo just gave out the perfect Christmas gift to all gamers who are waiting for their console to drop. The company announced yesterday that Nintendo Switch will be on tour a couple of months before its actual release and immediately after its launch. So what is so great about this release?

People from six major cities in the United States and Canada will have the first opportunity to play Nintendo’s newest console. The six-city tour of Nintendo Switch does not only include the public display of the console. The three day tour per city will have one full day for the public to play it.

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Which cities are included?

According to a report by The Verge, the Switch will start its tour January 13 which is a day after its Tokyo launch. The tour will kick off in New York until January 15. It will then cross to Toronto and have the event from January 27 to 29. Next stop will be Washington, DC on February 10 until 12. After, the tour will be on Chicago February 17 to 19. The Switch will then proceed to the West Coast having the event in San Francisco on February 24 to 26 and in Los Angeles on March 2 until 5.

Nintendo Switch Specs

Image Source: Screen grab from Nintendo Youtube account

Time reported that the first two days in every city will be an invite-only event. The third day, which is a Sunday, will be open for the public. Nintendo encourages the people wanting to go to the event to come early. The third day access will be a first-come first-served basis. The company did not announce which games will be included. Nintendo, however, said that it will be “very original and surprising.”

Nintendo Switch release for purchasing and price are said to be revealed on January 12 during the Tokyo launch.

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