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Nintendo Switch Release Has Problems With SD Card Sharing – Is There A Solution

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Release Has Problems With SD Card Sharing – Is There A Solution

It appears problems on the Nintendo Switch release persists until today. This time, even its microSD cards appear to give players a hard time. However, if players are any indication, there doesn’t seem to be any solution yet.

The highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch release is a sign that players are indeed looking at Nintendo for a potential comeback. After all, the Wii U had a lackluster release a few years back. The mere fact that the Nintendo Switch boasts a console-handheld option is an interesting addition to the supposed “console wars.”

However, with the news that around 70+ third-party developers will be developing games for the Switch, players surely are already looking forward to the Nintendo Switch release. Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo has a lot of issues to work on before the device is stable for usage.

Nintendo Switch Release: A Memory Problem

Players who download the device’s day one update may notice this problem. Cautious gamers who want to backup their games will not have this option available in the Switch. According to Polygon, all of the device’s data is in its system memory and cannot be copied even to a microSD card.

The Switch’s Data Management FAQs were updated to explain the situation, albeit it did little to appease gamers. It said all the games in the system’s internal memory are locked to that memory. Players will have to delete data if they want to install more titles.

Unfortunately, it’s not as if the Switch offers its 32GB of memory as it is. 6.1GB of the 32GB is actually taken up by its operating system. This means 25.9GB of data will be free to install games. However, this poses problems for titles such as Dragon Quest 1 & 2 as it is exactly 32GB in size.

Nintendo may have to provide a solution to save into the SD card soon. If not, this may prove detrimental to its sales. Hopefully, the company may offer such an option in future patches – but Nintendo has not made any official statement.


Nintendo Switch ReleaseRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

A Nintendo Switch error message related to its microSD card issue. Image from Polygon.

Solutions, Other Concerns

This poses a bit of a contradiction as the Switch appears compatible with microSD cards. It has a card slot hidden behind its kickstand. The option was a good thing because microSD cards can go to sizes up to 2TBs, which is larger than the Switch’s original 32GB of space.

Players who check the screenshot settings can select if the files get saved to the device’s internal storage or to the attached SD card. However, it appears the games themselves select if they get saved to the internal storage or the SD card.

Players have no say where they want their games to be saved. This was observed when downloading Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove from the eShop. It is saved on the SD card than the internal storage itself.

Of course, Polygon said a good solution is to offer a shared cloud service for saved games. This is offered by Sony and Microsoft for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively. The option is an important consideration because once the Switch is broken, all files will disappear.

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