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Nintendo Switch Specs Could See Possible Hardware Upgrades

Nintendo Switch specs


Nintendo Switch Specs Could See Possible Hardware Upgrades

The Nintendo Switch may see a hardware upgrade in terms of its specifications as per reports. The Switch launches in a month and Nintendo has already started discussions on its future. Newer hardware versions and extra controllers may be some of the upgrades for the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is set to be a blockbuster for the company and has generated huge interest. In this context, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and director Shinya Takahashi reveal certain key points being discussed. They talk of the life cycle of the console and also potential revisions in hardware as was the case with the 3DS and DS systems.

According to Takahashi, the Nintendo Switch is going to be a home console for most people. He points to customers who purchased home consoles from Nintendo earlier. They may purchase the Switch and aim at using it for a long duration.

What Takahashi Also Feels 

According to IGN, Takahashi feels that people who are traditionally handheld Nintendo gamers will upgrade to a newer version of the Switch more easily after purchase. These are the customers to target in case any new console version comes out in the future.

A similar case of such would be the DS system, which witnessed several hardware updates including the DS Lite and DSi XL. Other upgrades included the DSi as well, while the 3DS upgrades include the 2DS and the New 3DS. All of these updates reiterate the fact that continually evolving hardware is the name of the game.

Koizumi feels that the Switch is meant to be a hybrid console. He views the system as fusing the home and portable categories. Nintendo has always clearly demarcated products in both categories. However, Koizumi feels that the Switch is the system bridging the gap between the twain. The Switch can be a “constant system that you’re always using,” according to Koizumi.

Polygon also reports that there is widespread speculation on whether the Switch will have a touch screen. This is not confirmed yet. However, the Joy-Con controllers can be used in multifarious ways.

Stylus & Backward Compatibility

There may or may not be a stylus depending on whether a touch screen is available. Also, backward compatibility is not available for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games. There is speculation on whether old DS and 3Ds games will be playable for the Switch.

This is because the Switch will use GameCards or special cartridges for its titles. There are similar cartridges for the two handheld consoles as well. Yet, backward compatibility will be given a miss as per sources.

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