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Nintendo Switch Specs To Feature Voice Chat Capabilities

Nintendo Switch Specs
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Nintendo Switch Specs To Feature Voice Chat Capabilities

The epic reveal of Nintendo’s newest console took the entire world by storm. However, it appears the Nintendo Switch specs have more secrets. If Nintendo is to be believed, then it seems its new console may very well have voice chat capabilities.

This completely revolutionizes the concept everyone has of the Switch. Up to this point, people are still confused whether or not the device is a handheld or a console. Perhaps Nintendo really is upping the ante on its competitive gaming.

Nintendo reveals more about this voice chat feature below. However, until the Switch gets released or people actually get to try it can we see its efficiency. Still, the prospect of these Nintendo Switch specs remains interesting, especially for hardcore gamers.

Nintendo Switch Specs: Room for Voice Chat?

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed a voice chat feature will be tied in to the console’s mobile app. According to IGN, he said he wanted to reinforce the capability of “taking the experience” on the go. This means players can do match-making and talk to others via the phone rather than having a headset all the time.

This is a welcome addition to the device’s slate of features. Of course this is according to the fear of some that the Nintendo Switch may be a “less” version of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the console it appears to be competing against. However, with a slate of new games by its side, the Nintendo Switch specs appear to be roaring up against the competition.

No Miiverse, StreetPass

GamesBeat was also able to get the side of Nintendo of America assistant manager of public relations David Young on Miiverse and StreetPass. Young said the Switch wouldn’t be able to support both features.

This is interesting as StreetPass is a popular 3DS option. The feature allows players to exchange game information when passing others that have the handheld. Young mentioned the fact that Switch is a home console, despite being portable.

Nintendo Switch will be launched worldwide this March 3. Players and fans can buy it for $299.99 USD. Fans in Japan can also purchase this for 29,980 yen.

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