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Nintendo Switch Specs Have Mastered Unreal Engine

Nintendo Switch specs


Nintendo Switch Specs Have Mastered Unreal Engine

The Nintendo Switch is due to release soon and there is widespread excitement amongst tech buffs. The Switch may come with a mastered Unreal Engine as per Shigeru Miyamoto. This will ensure easy transitions of games from PCs to the console.

Miyamoto earlier discussed the Nintendo Switch specs at a meeting with several company investors. He also explained how the Switch development team worked on the Unreal Engine for the easiest development procedure.

The Nintendo Switch specs and its work with the Unreal Engine have been a major talking point amongst tech buffs. This new development should excite fans in droves, according to Attack of the Fanboy. The Switch is expected to come with several games.

What Miyamoto’s Statement Entails

As per reports, the development team for the Switch has been tweaking with multiple Western engines for a long time now. The console is coming with full support for the Unity and Unreal Engines in tandem with cutting edge Nvidia graphics technology.

Miyamoto feels that the Unreal Engine is of great help for the Nintendo Switch specs. He talks of how the “ease of software development” is being praised by internal developers at the company. Additionally, Nintendo developers have also mastered the Unreal Engine and other cutting edge technologies, according to him. This puts them at par with their US and EU counterparts who are often said to possess better skills in comparison to their Japanese counterparts.

Epic Games first brought in this engine and Unreal Engine 4 is the most contemporary one. Miyamoto has not specifically confirmed that Nintendo is using this particular engine for its games. However, his statement confirms that the developers have now mastered this.

What Happened at the Investors’ Meeting?

According to Polygon, Miyamoto’s comments at the investors’ meeting were spurred by a particular development. One investor blamed the Wii U for its inability to offer seamless third party software support. He also wanted to learn how the Nintendo internal team was creating games for the Switch, which will release on the 3rd of March.

Miyamoto responded with the previous statements and also remained hugely positive about the abilities of the console. Nintendo has always planned to integrate Unreal Engine 4 support for the upcoming console.

The toolkit released first in the year 2012 and has been supporting several gaming titles from Epic Games. The Switch will thus fix a major problem faced by Wii U users. UE4-based titles could be shifted to the Wii U, but Epic Games did not officially support this, thereby necessitating several tweaks.

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