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Nintendo Switch Specs Leaked With Stolen Models: Full Story Here

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Specs Leaked With Stolen Models: Full Story Here

Nintendo fans may be ecstatic to hear about the “leaked” footage of Nintendo Switch specs. However, the story appears to be darker than that. It appears the “leaked” specs were from stolen models.

The Nintendo Switch release is just a few days away. However, there are of course fans who want to be “ahead” in the game and get more details about the console. This is why news of a “leaked” unboxing made rounds all over the internet.

However, if newer reports are true, it seems there is a deeper, darker story about the Nintendo Switch “leak.” If the reports are right, the models used in the presentation were actually stolen. This is quite the controversy for Nintendo, and its fans.

Nintendo Switch: Stolen? Full Story

This news is courtesy of Nintendo, who revealed that the “early shipment” was actually a theft case from the distributor. Fans can read Nintendo’s statement, as reported in IGN. Nintendo said a “number” of Switch units were actually stolen from an American distributor.

The said model in the leak was “resold” in advance, prior to the March 3, 2017 official release date for the console. However, the said American distributor is still not yet named. This may explain how a Switch model has come to the hands of a gamer, instead of just being an “error” in distribution.

However, the people responsible for the theft have been “discovered.” Nintendo emphasized in the statement that they were immediately terminated from employment and are under investigation. The worse part is that they may even face criminal charges.

“Playtest” and Other Leaks

According to Game Rant, this “theft” and “reselling” led to the user interface (UI) leak that was released a few days ago. The gamer who we can now consider the first “unofficial” owner of the Switch posted his playtest in NeoGAF and elaborated on some Switch features. However, it is important to remember that this is not the first time such “reveals” were released on the internet.

For instance, there are “alleged” specs on the device that were released this month from a still-to-be-named source in Reddit. Even Nintendo “accidentally” revealed developer-only menus for the device courtesy of an unfinished promo video. The latter was discussed heavily in another NeoGAF post.

However, it seems reasonable for fans to be a bit concerned about the Switch’s actual strengths and weaknesses. After all, the Switch’s launch this March will be accompanied by very little launch games. This is surprising for a console as highly-anticipated as the Switch. Regardless, Nintendo did explain that this is because it plans on releasing new titles regularly.

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