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Nintendo Switch Specs May Feature VR Support – Here’s Why

Nintendo Switch specs


Nintendo Switch Specs May Feature VR Support – Here’s Why

The Nintendo Switch may get VR (Virtual Reality) support as per reports. Though this is not confirmed yet, the Nintendo President states that the company is interested. However, he also stressed that VR support can be provided only when headsets ensure heightened comfort.

The inclusion of VR support for the Nintendo Switch is a possible development that has got fans excited. Kimishima Tatsumi, the Nintendo President, feels that VR support may be possible in the future. He believes that it will be available for the Switch in “some form or another.”

The main thing to consider for the Nintendo Switch is that the technology should be comfortable enough to wear. This is stressed upon hugely by Tatsumi, as per Game Rant. The Japanese behemoth is now trying to find ways to enhance overall comfort.

Nintendo’s Patents & Other Details 

Nintendo also has multiple pending patents pertaining to VR components for the new hybrid Switch. These are pending in the United States as per reports. This is not the first time that Tatsumi has talked of VR support for the new console.

He had earlier declared his interest in VR support for the Switch in an interview. Yet, the company has always kept its activities neatly cloaked up to now, and all details have been purposely kept out of the public domain.

This can be on account of the huge competition from other rivals. Most gamers will be interested in VR at some point in the future. It does make sense to integrate the same for the Switch, considering that Nintendo is betting big on it.

However, there are concerns of the Switch being unable to provide VR support due to hardware deficiencies. Despite such, hardware can be upgraded to include it in the future. Polygon reports that the Switch is likely to get an Nvidia Tegra graphics card.

Headsets like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive require at least a GeForce GTX 960 or 1050. This is way more powerful than what the Switch is expected to bring to the table. The Tegra is tailored for lightweight things like tablets.

What We Need to Watch Out For

How Nintendo VR components and peripherals match up to the challenge is the real thing to watch out for. In case Nintendo takes the VR route, there will be a definite effect on sales figures. The Switch is targeted at those who love gaming on the move at an affordable price.

The upcoming console version will be a favorite with this section of the market as per experts. However, it is uncertain whether this gaming community even desires any VR support. The Switch launches on the 3rd of March, 2017.

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