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Nintendo Switch Specs & Price: New Accessories Announced By Snakebyte

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch Specs & Price: New Accessories Announced By Snakebyte

Snakebyte has announced Nintendo Switch accessories which are bound to excite fans. The German manufacturer is currently working on several NES Classic and Switch accessories. The company has talked of these accessories as crucial towards enabling greater portability.

Snakebyte has talked of how the Switch will have its “portable nature” enhanced through the design of these accessories. One of these accessories is a foldable headset. This will enable better gaming on the move and should be a hit with buyers.

As per IGN, the Nintendo Switch Foldable Headset will offer crystal clear gaming audio quality. This will be ensured through the usage of 40mm diameter drivers. This has also been clearly specified in the description for the product.

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Another Exciting Accessory 

As per Nintendo Insider, there will be a Switch Starter Kit. This will majorly be an assortment of essential items. These items will ensure ample security for the tablet screen of the system. These will also boost gaming experiences by a considerable margin.

The kit will encompass a screen protector in tandem with a carry bag and wired stereo ear buds. There may also be a cleaning cloth, game cases and control caps. Snakebyte has also talked of a USB power adapter exclusively for the NES Classic Edition. There may also be a Gamepad extension cable which adds 9.8 feet to overall controller length.

Information on Switch Release

Nintendo will soon release more information on the prices and release dates of the Switch. This presentation is slated to be streamed directly from Japan on the 12th of January. This will be broadcast at 8 PM PT.

The creation of these accessories comes as no surprise to fans, however. Snakebyte had earlier revealed its blueprint for releasing products to back the Switch. The company may also be trying to cash in on the sheer hype generated by the upcoming console.

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