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Nintendo Switch Specs & Price: Pros & Cons Of New Console

Nintendo Switch Specs
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Nintendo Switch Specs & Price: Pros & Cons Of New Console

Nintendo is making waves in the gaming industry with its newest reveal. Will the Nintendo Switch specs live up to its hype and potential?  Look no further, as we dissect the newly-announced console and its pros and cons.

Fans have been ecstatic to hear about the tons of new features the Nintendo Switch has to offer. The latest Nintendo Switch specs even reveal third party support, something that is very new to the company. This in itself brings a ray of hope to its release a few months from now.

Given that games such as Splatoon, Zelda Breath Of the Wild and Mario Odyssey will be in the Switch, players are more than excited to get their hands on them. However, if you are the inquisitive gamer, you will need to make sure the Nintendo Switch specs are worth your buck. Let us see the pros and the cons of the new console below.

Nintendo Switch Specs: The Good

Nintendo fans remain optimistic about the new console. After all, Nintendo is known for taking risks, and it seems the Switch will finally reward them for their effort. Players have been anticipating quite a lot from the then-mystery console. After the mediocre sales of the Wii U, it seems Nintendo will finally deliver. Gadgets 360 elaborates on some of the best points of the Switch, and what makes it worthy of purchase.

  • Multiplayer: Nintendo is on the right path when it comes to multiplayer. This is considering they’re expanding the multiplayer options of the Switch in a time when there’s big emphasis on online gaming. Nintendo’s local multiplayer offering is a very fresh take on the concept. Fans can just grab a Joy-Con and share it with a friend and play any game they want.
  • New Zelda, Mario Titles: In speaking of risk, players can take a breath of fresh air with new Zelda and Mario titles for the Switch. Fans who watched the livestream of the Switch demo may have been delighted to see the Italian plumber and the silent protagonist meet the Switch. The open-world nature of both new titles is a definite plus for exploration fans.
  • Micro SD Slot: Not a lot of developers consider the importance of a microSD card slot. A lot of phone manufacturers nowadays want to opt for built-in storage. However, Nintendo understood fans and built a slot for users to plug in their SD slots with. This is a good thing for players who want to use digital versions of their games.


  • Portability: This appears to be the true portable Nintendo console, after the 3DS. Aside from the classic GameBoy consoles, the Switch is the next-gen console when it comes to portability. When Nintendo revealed that the console is a hybrid console-handheld device, it sure captured the hearts of many who always admired the company’s ingenuity.
  • Third-Party Support: Despite the lack of many launch games, the outstanding third-party developer support for the console is an outstanding show of trust. Fans of developers and publishers such as Electronic Arts and Bethesda Softworks may want to look for a Nintendo Switch if hit games such as NBA 2K and Elder Scrolls hit the console. Regardless, this expands the Switch’s potential library of games by a momentous amount.

The Cons

Suffice to say, much as the console has its pros, it also has a few cons. While Nintendo fans will appreciate the depth of innovation the Switch has, it does have its set-backs. Forbes elaborates on some of them, which should be taken into consideration.

  • Price Tag: Perhaps the biggest set-back for players is when it comes to the price. It’s not exactly the most expensive console, at $299, and it does have a lack of accessories. Aside from the Charge Grip, to be emphasized below, $299 seems hefty for a base product. A Pro Controller for the television is $70 in itself. This means the Switch proper, a game and the Pro Controller for the optimal home gaming setup is already $460.
  • Launch Games: The Switch will be in a tricky situation by the time it launches. There’s very few launch games to choose from, which means fans will have to take a gamble to take the switch. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch will be the only launch titles available on March 3, which are extremely limited options.

Hardware, Software

  • Charge Grip: The charge grip, or the lack thereof, can be a problem for Nintendo. In the Switch box is a Joy-Con grip, which you attach to your Joy-Cons to get the traditional feel of a controller. It’s a $30 separate piece, but not exactly a Joy-Con in itself. The standalone is called the Charging Grip, which has a USB slot unlike the grip with the Switch. This allows you to charge the Joy-Cons while they are docked. Not including this with the Switch is pretty inconvenient, given its role.
  • Monthly Games: The Switch will have an online service that is similar to the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live. According to Wired, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said there will be one free game per month for the Switch. The catch is, these free games will only be available for that month alone. This is a weird thing in itself, as this can turn off fans who want to experience free games.
  • Battery Life: The Switch has 2.5 to 6.5 hours of battery life, which is inarguably short for a portable console. However, Nintendo did emphasize that the Switch is first and foremost a home device, meaning it’s not always meant to be portable. Regardless, it’s best to grab a nearby USB port for charging.

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