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Nintendo Switch Specs Reveal Hidden Message In Pro Controller – See It Here

Nintendo Switch Specs
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Nintendo Switch Specs Reveal Hidden Message In Pro Controller – See It Here

Nintendo Switch is the new gaming console that gives users handheld portability along with a home gaming system. For the lucky gamers who were able to get their hands on the in-demand console, take note that apparently one of the Nintendo Switch specs and accessories, the pro-controller, has a secret.

The Nintendo Switch specs are unlike anything the tech firm has ever released. It follows the Wii U which proved to be a failure as fans thought the platform lacked imagination and depth. Since its release last Friday, March 3, early reviews of Nintendo’s newest device have been very positive. Now, it appears there’s more to its accessory than meets the eye.

Nintendo Switch Specs & News

The Pro Controller is one of the more tantalizing accessories for the platform. With its traditional shape and size, the transparent build and grippy handles – it’s a very functional piece. The rumble is better than with the Joy-Cons and has more battery life – at 40 hours – that is double the life of the Joy-Con.

Digital Trends reports that a gamer from Japan revealed a hidden message on the Pro Controller’s right stick. Apparently, if you pull back the stick, gamers will see the message: “THX2 ALLGAMEFANS!”

The message is written in bold pixel-like font and written directly above the right stick. If you can’t see it right away, you can try shining a flashlight on the controller and tilt it off to the side for reflection.

Where To Get The Switch & Accessories?

Since its release last week, the console has been hard to find. Game Rant reports that the following outlets have confirmed they have Nintendo Switch units outside of the pre-orders. These retailers include GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. However, walk-in customers need to understand that these devices are in very high demand.

In addition, the latest outlet to carry the Switch was Toys R Us. Polygon has published that the toy giant has restocked over the weekend and they would be one of your best bets to get remaining units.

Top Tip: Get The Switch Online

Aside from physical shops, there are also online options. CNET revealed that if you have been unable to hunt down a Switch, Amazon US and Amazon UK have an inventory and also give you the option to order from third-party sellers. Prices start at $290 and in the UK, £330.

Likewise, you can also find it online on the Game for approximately $343 (£280 and AU$454) plus the cost of international shipping. Alternatively, Chunk Toys is also selling the Switch online but for a higher price – about $550 (£449 and AU$728) with different shipping options.

The Switch from Nintendo retails for $300 but doesn’t come bundled with any games. Additional Joy-Cons can be purchased for second player action for $80.

In conclusion, currently, it’s unclear just how many units are available for purchase and where. Nintendo has revealed its plans to ship out some 2 million units this March to keep shelves stocked.

Happy hunting, everyone!

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