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Nintendo Switch Specs Slated For Success Despite Lesser Power

Nintendo Switch specs


Nintendo Switch Specs Slated For Success Despite Lesser Power

The Nintendo Switch is set to be a major success in spite of lower power according to Artomatix CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Eric Risser. He feels that the console’s eventual success depends on proper execution of the whole concept.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are more powerful than the Nintendo Switch. The portable console is also going to be priced in the high end bracket. This has raised eyebrows in the past since the specs are way short of its two key rivals.

Risser, however, feels that the Nintendo Switch is cut out for success since it ensures entertaining, innovative and fulfilling experiences. He adds that Nintendo has always been a leader in graphics. The Wii U was also low on power when it rivaled the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 according to him. However, gamers did not seem to be bothered by this since Nintendo found other means to offer more entertaining experiences.

Why The Switch Should Hit It Big-Time

Gaming Bolt reports that the Switch is well on its way towards being a massive hit. The pre-orders for the console are already sold out globally. Also, Nintendo is now being forced to scale up its shipments in order to meet burgeoning demand.

Several developers are now agreeing that the Switch does not really need to compete with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One on the basis of specs. Risser says that Nintendo always takes risks with radical product offerings like the Switch. In this case, a tablet/console hybrid offering could be a huge success on the basis of its flexibility and innovative features.

Nintendo is also risking its relationships with third-party developers by bringing out this somewhat innovative console. Developers will find it hard to function for the Switch initially according to Risser. He also adds that the Switch is poised to be a “great success” though it can also be a “huge disaster” depending on how the concept is executed.

What Do Third-Party Developers Feel 

Third-party developers, however, seem more approving of the Switch as compared to the Wii U. The Switch seems to be a neatly executed manifestation of core concepts according to these developers. They were hardly pleased with the Wii U which did not quite work out as expected by Nintendo.

In other news, the Verge reports that the Switch will not come with a web browser when it launches. This has been confirmed by the Nintendo CEO & President Tatsumi Kimishima. According to him, the Switch is a dedicated platform for video games and will not support a web browser at the launch.

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