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Nintendo Switch Specs To have 10-Player LAN: How It Works

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch Specs To have 10-Player LAN: How It Works

It seems Nintendo has a ton more surprises for the Nintendo Switch. In its recent specs reveal, it seems up to 10 players can play. This is something completely new for the hybrid console-handheld, but it seems Nintendo is not stopping soon with surprises.

It can be remembered that Nintendo Switch is one of the most-awaited consoles from Nintendo. After all, it was hyped for almost a year before its reveal. It turns out the game is a hybrid console-handheld, and will be the first Nintendo console to support third party developers.

This surprise, along with its other features, has skyrocketed expectations for Nintendo. After all, if the Nintendo Switch is successful, then this is Nintendo’s foray into a market dominated by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games. It seems their next move is 10-person local area network (LAN) play.

Nintendo Switch: Massive Multiplayer

This news came courtesy of a press release in IGN. Alongside new features for its upcoming Splatoon 2 game, Nintendo also confirmed a feature called LAN Play. This allows players to connect their Switches together. In a more surprising twist, it can support up to 10 devices at once.

However, Nintendo also clarified the feature. The Switches have to be docked for this to work, meaning this won’t be available in tablet mode. They have to be connected through wired LAN as well.

Only eight of the 10 devices can actually actively play the game. The two devices left will be in a mode called “Private Battle Spectator.” This allows them to explore any battle from multiple angles in a special mode for them.

eSports Venture?

Interestingly, according to Game Rant, this is a good news for fans who want to see if this is Nintendo’s step towards eSports. After all, a spectator mode is one step away from an active competition mode. If there is an option to stream this footage, and if this will be available for other titles, then this mode can easily be Nintendo’s foray into the glorious platform of eSports.

This means organizers can be able to set up competitions around the world with varying prize pools. After all, other games for the Switch hold potential for eSports. This includes Mario Kart 8 DeluxeARMS and even Splatoon 2.

However, fans can truly test this feature by the time the console is released. It is slated for a March release, along with some games such as The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Hopefully, Nintendo lives up to its LAN Play expectations.

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