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Nintendo Theme Park in Universal Studios Announced! Ride Attractions Hinted

Wikimedia Commons/ Jan Graber


Nintendo Theme Park in Universal Studios Announced! Ride Attractions Hinted

A Nintendo Theme Park is on its way to America and Japan!

Earlier this May, video game giant Nintendo had formed an alliance with Universal Studios, famous for its theme parks. The brains behind this awesome project is none other than Nintendo creative director Shigeru Miyamoto. And in the western side is Mark Woodbury, the president of Universal Creative.

This is the first time they had made an official announcement regarding the Nintendo Theme Park ever since the deal happened months ago.

There would be three branches for the Nintendo Theme Park. In the United States, there would be one in Hollywood, California and one in Orlando, Florida. Osaka, Japan is also in the cards.

No official word has been released as of now whether the Nintendo Theme Park would just be limited to the 3 locations above, but they would most likely expand in the future. The Nintendo Theme Parks would most likely be within Universal theme parks in the case of future expansions.

What to Expect from the Nintendo Theme Park?

Based on the opening statement posted in the official website of Nintendo, there is definitely going to be Super Mario themed rides! So expect Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Zelda, and other classic and popular games to come to life as part of the company’s park attractions.

Aside from all the attractions, the Nintendo Theme Park would also have shops and restaurants.

Universal Studios decision with the deal is also to keep up with its rival, Disneyland. Disney is said to be already constructing a Star Wars themed park.

Universal Studios recent themed attractions include Harry Potter, and The Simpsons.

Nintendo still haven’t released an official statement for an estimated date the park would open. But it would most likely take several years.

Once just a part of every gamer’s imagination, the Nintendo Theme Park is a gamers dream come true!

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