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Nioh Game Release Date & Gameplay: Combat Tips & More

Nioh Game
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Polygon account


Nioh Game Release Date & Gameplay: Combat Tips & More

The Nioh game is an action role-playing game by Team Ninja set for the PS4. The story of the game was based on the life of William Adams, an English navigator who was the first English person to ever reach Japan. The game is also inspired by FromSoftware’s Dark Souls.

Release Date

Team Ninja took to the Nioh game Twitter account for the announcement on the release date of the game. Indeed, Team Ninja has finished developing Nioh. Sony Interactive Entertainment will launch this game on February 9 this year.

Gameplay and Combat Tips

To get a better experience with this new game, here are a few tips to start off with the gameplay. The Nioh game is about navigation and competition with monsters in a 1600s era. William is the main protagonist in the game whom players get to control in a fictional version of Japan. The era has been made into a supernatural world where enemies roam the lands of samurais and ninjas which include William himself.

William can be equipped with different weapons and armors which will alter the way he defeats enemies. Movements vary from blocking, attacking, advancing and more. He can even change between a variety of stances while he is in a challenge. This creates three movesets for every form of weapon. High stances make slower offenses but cause more damage to the enemy and the player as well if hit. Low stances strengthen blocks and help the player get faster during attacks. However, this causes weaker damage to the enemy. The effect of the middle stance is in between these two stances.

Nioh GamePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Polygon account

The game also has an exciting stamina bar or “ki” system wherein each dodge, block or weapon swing reduces the player’s stamina. When all the “ki” is gone, William will stop and will be attacked. But if a button is tapped at the exact moment, the bar will refill. This will cause a “ki” pulse where William’s “ki” could be refilled faster in a shorter time. In the game, the defeated enemies and treasure chests will also spew loot items for the players to pick up. These include new weapons and armor.

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