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Nioh Guide To Beating Game’s Toughest Bosses

Nioh Guide
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Boss Fight Database account


Nioh Guide To Beating Game’s Toughest Bosses

Nioh is an action role-playing video game for the PS4. Sony Interactive Entertainment released the game worldwide on the first week of February this year. The game involves exploration of levels and fighting off monsters and bosses in said levels. Defeating these bosses is not an easy task at all, so here is a Nioh guide to help make your way through a level.

You will surely try and try again until you learn how to handle epic battles in Nioh. But fear no more because this Nioh guide will save you and may even prevent you from dying when trying to defeat a boss. There are various fighting styles and patterns that may be used to your advantage. Here are the bosses, their respective move sets, strength and weaknesses, as well as a guide to weapons and stances you can use in battling them.

Level 1: Tower of London – Derrick the Executioner

This first boss battle in this Nioh guide is simple and it only seeks to test your knowledge of the game. It is a simple tutorial on its own, particularly on revealing how the game will unfold. Derrick is a big enemy and his move sets are pretty easy to see. The main tip here is to dodge heavy attacks; when he swings and misses, take advantage of that miss and do some damage over him. This is best done with the battle axe. He will charge back and you can attack him once more.

Level 5: Isle of Demons – Onryoki

Onryoki, the second boss, is a demon who uses balls as his weapon which players need to avoid. The main tip here is to dodge them by walking closer to him and waiting for him to swing the balls. Watch out for his second ball as he does this as a follow-up hit. Once he stops swinging and gets tired, get to a closer proximity from him and hit him. Use your low stance for a better chance of avoiding his hits. An additional tip is to loot boxes in the room with healing items. You can also cut his chains and detach his balls. At this moment, he will pick them up and throw them at you.

Level 12: Deep in the Shadows – Hino-enma

Hino-enma is found inside a cave. She can fly and can hit you with spikes or wind blasts, or even dash towards you to body slam you. She fights at a distance and when she gets close, so you can opt to lock her down. Wait for her dashing body slam attacks and use low stance to avoid it. Shift stances when she is close and strafe around her. You can use spears to enhance reach over her. However, don’t get too close because she can hit you more. The main tip is to avoid her projectile attacks by dodging and blocking.

Level 19: The Spirit Stone Slumbers – Nue

Nue is a mix between different animal types. It flies and spits lightning and poison. A spear is the best weapon against this boss so that you can still maintain distance away from him. Use low stance so that you have the maximum ability to move and dodge at high speed. Wait for his spits and dodge them to prepare a attack after he pauses following his own move. Back up immediately once you have attacked.

Level 19: The Spirit Stone Slumbers – Tachibana Muneshige

Defeating Tachibana Muneshige is about defense as much as offense. Dodge him rather than block him. Counter his attacks after you dodge them. Medium stance is recommended in this boss battle. This enables you to cause more damage especially with the spear or sword. Perform a Triangle ground attack on him once he is low on health or “ki.”

Level 27: The Silver Mine Writhes – Great Centipede

The first phase of Great Centipede’s counter attack is to get close enough to attack its legs because this is its weakness. Use a low stance with a sword. Blocking its pincers instead of dodging them is enough. This boss rears up so it is best to dodge to the side. The main tip here is to remain behind this boss. When it faces you, block then dodge and get on its back again.

Nioh GuidePia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

The Great Centipede.
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Boss Fight Database account

Level 38: The Ocean Roars Again – Umi-bozu

An Umi-bozu lives in the water and is huge and difficult to see. Set all three bonfires in The Ocean Roars Again mission. This means that you would not have to fight other enemies together with Umi-bozu. A fire talisman with a low stance weapon is recommended at this level. Hit Umi-bozu and back off to dodge. At its next phase, Umi-bozu goes into the middle of the arena where it will attack you and become harder to dodge. Switch stances and block more often. You can also dodge when possible.

Level 47: Spider Nest Castle – Joro-Gumo

Joro-Gumo is a gigantic female spider-like boss. She body slams by swinging her rear which can be avoided by keeping away from her and dodging backwards. Spear, firearms and bows are good weapons against her. Joro-Gumo arches her back, which is a signal that she will hit you with webs. As she winds up her attack, dodge away and get behind her because her back is her weakness. She also performs a lunge attack if you remain distant from her. She becomes aggressive when her health drops. Again, dodge and get behind her.

Level 55: Falling Snow – Yuki-onna

Yuki-onna has ice powers. The main tip is to keep away from her but be cautious because she is really difficult to defeat as she is essentially smaller and also wields her own lance. A spear may be used against her but you may still be hit. So, just start with your rifle or bow and switch to the spear or sword if you already lack ammunition. Get close when she performs her ice-based projectile moves or when she stomps the floor and creates a circle of ice around her. When she remains frozen, attack. When she hits half-health, she becomes deadlier, so stay away and fight her with long-ranged weapons.

Level 70: The Iga Escape – Giant Toad

The Giant Toad is slow but its attacks are deadly and blocks won’t do, so it is better to dodge them. Go with a low stance for maximum movement. You can use any weapon at this point. Dodge the Giant Toad’s lunges and jumps in the air. Get behind it and continually hit it. Beware of its sudden jump and slam move once you are behind it. So, dodge back, let it slam down, and get back in.

Level 78: Memories of Death-Lilies – Ogress

The Ogress is slow but she has fast moves. She can also jump into the air to hover for a while and smash down. Attack but don’t stay too long in one area, so go in and out. In addition, dodge to the left to avoid her attacks to get in close, then attack and dodge again. Go on a low stance and hit with Light Attacks. At one-third health, the Ogress becomes madder and there will be more long-ranged attacks. At this point, she can predict your dodges so don’t dodge too early. Get more potions for this boss fight.

Nioh is now available. Get it for a PS4 exclusive gameplay. Watch GameSpot’s own Nioh guide here. Good luck!

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