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Nioh Guide For Easier Gameplay & Boss Battle Tips

Nioh Guide


Nioh Guide For Easier Gameplay & Boss Battle Tips

People who enjoy Nioh will understand the intense difficulty of the game. However, casual gamers can check this Nioh guide for easier play. After all, players all have to start somewhere, right?

Every Nioh guide will pretty much work as a guide similar to the Souls series. This is no random coincidence as the game is inspired by the franchise. However, this also means the game shares some design principles with its inspiration.

This is in no way telling that the game copied Dark Souls. However, this Nioh guide will help players understand that they can use some of the principles they use to play the Souls game to play Nioh and vice versa. But, there will be a bit of spoilers on the game’s story, so be warned.

Nioh Guide: Enjoying the Game

Players will understand that Nioh kind of has a steep learning curve. The bosses are almost immediately downright difficult, and mobs are not always easy to kill. This is the feeling that the game wants players to have: that they are not powerful. However, this means everyone is just as easy to kill as the player.

Perhaps the best tip others could give players is that they should use the new co-op feature from the recent update to their advantage. After all, what better way to conquer a monster-ridden village than with company? However, others who want to be more competitive can rely on a few tricks. Luckily, Eurogamer has a few tips to share.

The best is perhaps on how to slow enemies down. Players can do this best by using Sloth Talismans, obtainable from the second region. These are basically useless against the Onryoki and the Hino-enma, but players can treat the two as practice. After all, enemies get faster and more aggressive afterwards.

Players can get the talismans by completing the mission “The Ocean Roars Again.” This unlocks the “The Way of the Onmyo” Adept Trial. By the time they complete this, they can purchase the Talisman: Sloth I skill, which William can use with Sloth Talismans. He can collect these by praying in shrines.

Sloth Talismans are a magic attack that can slow down any enemy. This makes enemies easier to predict and parry. However, this also takes up a spell slot, so be careful with the arsenal you’re bringing.

Infinite Living Weapon

According to Game Rant, players should also take advantage of William’s Living Weapon mode. The game’s “Living Weapon” mode is activated with a full Guardian Spirit. This makes William invincible and stronger.

Although this makes William impervious to damage, he can still be stunned. The timeframe for the mode also drastically lowers when he is hit. This means the best way to make the most out of this special mode is by playing smart as well.

However, there is a caveat. If players use Soulstones, they can actually last longer in the Living Weapon state. These Soulstones are first pegged as useless to collect additional XP, but these are very handy tools for emergency situations. If this is combined with the Sloth Talismans, then William can give enemies a hard time.

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