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Nioh Guide To Beating Onryoki Boss Battle

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Nioh Guide To Beating Onryoki Boss Battle

Do you need an ultimate Nioh guide towards successfully defeating the second boss? Here are some necessary pointers that you should follow. The game is pretty challenging and the boss battles are tough to conquer.

A Nioh guide is necessary since the second boss battle will put your skills to the sword. The second boss is Onryoki, who is a huge demon. Onryoki is the final boss in the game’s first major mission.

It can be detected on a boat which is kept near the beach. This Nioh guide will help you combat this boss and come out victorious. Game Rant reports that players should not approach this boat until and unless they are fully prepared for the fight.

Why Preparedness is Essential

In case players die when this boss fight takes place, their graves remain trapped in the battle zone. Special Guardian abilities cannot be used by players in this case. Even their Amrita (XP) cannot be revived without attempting to fight the boss once more.

Players should possess ample rifle ammunition, bombs, elixir and arrows. Always keep the bombs and elixir for one of your D-pad shortcuts. This ensures seamless access while William should be at full health as well.

When William is being leveled, one should spend more points on boosting his health. This is because the Onryoki battle concerns endurance more than anything else. Players should always choose weapons that they are comfortable using for the battle.

The spear is a good weapon to use because it offers ample range and is swifter than axes and hammers which are heavier. Choosing your own weapon is fine as long as you are able to deftly avoid the attacks of Onryoki.

You should definitely chance upon the fact that some of Onryoki’s attacks are quite similar to the bigger Yokai you’ve faced till now. These include smashing players with both fists and also the belly-flop of sorts. This boss is quite slow and you should try and lure him into attacking you while you dodge the same.

Once he misses any attack, he is left vulnerable with regard to getting struck by William. Rush behind Onryoki and transfer to a higher stance. William can pump in two hits at the most before Onryoki tries a spin attack with his chains.

The Final Stages

Always rush to safety after you’ve done some damage to Onryoki. Attack of the Fanboy reports Onryoki can also fling the huge balls chained to his wrist for damaging William. The battle stage proves to make dodging such attacks quite the challenge. As a result, it may not suffice even if you keep a big distance between Onryoki and William.

When you shoot Onryoki, aim for the head since this does the most damage. Take two shots and then move in closer to repel the ball-throw attack. At the very end, Onryoki will get rid of the balls chained to his wrist and will pursue William with greater speed.

Be careful about dodging attacks and get in as many strikes as you can before rolling over to safety. Conquering Onryoki is possible provided you are patient and tenacious.

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