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Nioh PS4 Update On Co-Op Mode & Why Devs Changed It

Nioh PS4
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Nioh PS4 Update On Co-Op Mode & Why Devs Changed It

Noted samurai game Nioh PS4 has received major co-op mode changes and some players are reportedly unhappy with the development. The functioning of the co-op mode has been tweaked since the launch of the pre-release demo version.

The pre-release Nioh PS4 demo enabled summoning of friends or family members into battles. This could be done through password sharing. Playing as pairs was possible, enabling joint experiencing of different game versions.

In the final retail Nioh PS4 version however, players can only summon a friend into the game based on certain conditions. Summoned players are required to have previously beaten the level into which they are being brought into. This has ruffled quite a few players according to GameSpot because they are unable to fulfill this criteria.

The Arguments of Fans & Developers

There are many players who had previously planned to team up and run through the full game. However, it does not seem possible at the moment. Several disgruntled fans have also expressed themselves on social media, slamming the developers for this major change.

The creative director of Team Ninja, Tom Lee, has replied to these charges. He states that the co-op mode had to be changed for a particular reason. Not changing it would have made it “too easy for players to beat the game.”

Lee talks of how the developers want all gamers to “experience Nioh in how it was intended to be.” He confirms that players were allowed to use the co-op mode in the last demo on account of the limited time and stages on offer.

Nioh is said to be heavily inspired by the Dark Souls series which also allows players to summon friends for assistance during tough stages. However, the game is not meant to be played all throughout in the co-op mode according to the developers. It is essentially created to be a single player game.

Changes in the Game Dynamic with Co-Op

This co-op dynamic takes away the whole purpose of the game, according to Lee. Several fans have reportedly made peace with Lee’s statement. There are some, however, who are still angry with this development, according to Kotaku.

The co-op mode does transform the entire dynamic of any game. This is why the developers were forced to change the same. The team obviously wants to make players experience the rigors and challenges on their own unless it is absolutely necessary.

As such, players cannot partner up with a friend or acquaintance at the drop of a hat anymore. It seems like they will have to encounter some devilish bosses and other tricky challenges absolutely on their own.

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