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No Man’s Sky Update Patch: Everything You Need to Know!


No Man’s Sky Update Patch: Everything You Need to Know!

A No Man’s Sky update patch has been recently released. But instead of the typical bug fix and game balance update, the latest update feels more like a new expansion for the game.

The new No Man’s Sky update would include new game modes and features such as base building which allows gamers to establish a planet of their choice to set up a base. Gamers also get to recruit minions in the form of various alien races to join their cause, similar to an RTS.

The update also allows gathering of resources by establishing mining installations to keep the money flowing while players are busy with their adventures.

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Another major addition to the game is that the player can now own ships that could assist in collecting more resources for the player. To make things easier, players would be able to instantly move their resources from the ships to their inventory.

No Man’s Sky Update Patch Features

There are also several new difficulty settings in the game, but function more as different modes. It includes the “creative” mode that allows the player to freely explore the game by removing certain limitations. The “survival” appears to be as the name implies, survival mode. Similar to most games, this tests how long the player could stay alive in the game under certain conditions. “Normal” mode would serve as the original and main mode of the game.

The game also now features a new and improved user interface and inventory system.

There is also an added photo mode for the PS4 version, and an 8 button mouse support for the PC.

No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival game, and the majority of the new bonus features had also added a real-time strategy to it.

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