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No Man’s Sky Update: Path Finder Brings New Exploration Vehicles

No Man's Sky
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No Man’s Sky Update: Path Finder Brings New Exploration Vehicles

Developer Hello Games had announced that the next update in No Man’s Sky would include new exploration vehicles. It revealed on the official blog of the game that the next downloadable content (DLC) would be called the Path Finder Update.

The Path Finder Update would introduce new vehicles in No Man’s Sky that would help players explore each planet. Hello Games did not specify how these would help the players but it would probably give them more speed and save a lot of time.

According to IGN, Hello Games plans on releasing a more detailed patch note in the future once the Path Finder Update goes live. For the meantime, developers assure that the upcoming update would just be the beginning in what they have planned for No Man’s Sky.

The game developer and publisher released the last update on the game on December 12, 2016, which consisted of the Patch 1.13. The update focused mostly on bug and glitch fixes both for the PC version and the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

Controversial Release of the Game

The game had a very controversial issue upon its release since it lacked the multiplayer feature every fan was expecting. Developers had hyped the game so much that it backfired on them for not meeting the expectations of the fans.

The company previously mentioned that the game would feature more than millions of planets that players can travel to. However, since the game offered no multiplayer feature, the player has to go to each planet by himself.

Players discovered that the multiplayer feature did not exist in the game when two users found themselves in the same system. They went to the exact same location in the said system and they did not find each other there.

This resulted in many complaints since a majority of the fan base thought that the game would include a multiplayer mode. However, Hello Games managed to save the game by releasing the Foundation Update which was the first major update of the game.

The Previous Foundation Update

According to Polygon, the Foundation Update included significant changes into the game. It changed how different this work in the game. The update consisted of the introduction of freighters, as well as the ability for the player to build their own planetary base.

The Path Finder Update would be considered as the second major update of the game since the Foundation Update. Hello Games has not yet announced the official release date for the next update but players should expect it anytime this March 2017.

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