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No Seeker Gear Set For The Division Update 1.6: Features, What To Expect

The Divison Update 1.6
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No Seeker Gear Set For The Division Update 1.6: Features, What To Expect

Ubisoft fans may want to stay tuned for The Division Update 1.6. It seems the much-awaited Seeker set will not make its first appearance here. However, if that is the case, then when is it due to show up?

The Division Update 1.6 marks the official introduction of the Last Stand game mode. This is also the first update of the year that will hopefully fix some pressing issues in the game. The update is also the third expansion of the game, named The Last Stand.

However, it seems one of the most-awaited gear sets will not make an appearance in The Division Update 1.6. Developers have officially written that the Seeker gear set will not be appearing in Update 1.6. Which begs the question, why?

The Division Update 1.6: Seeker Set?

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment developers have revealed this little tidbit inside their patch notes. Fans can read the full list of changes in the third Public Test Server updates via the Ubisoft blog. However, there appears to be more coming with the update.

Fans of the game can remember that Ubisoft has started opening Public Test Servers for its new updates in the past few months. This is why it was a surprise when fans were told the Seeker set will not appear in the update’s official launch. It seems the Seeker gear set is a tricky piece of equipment.

The Seeker set was already re-balanced in the second Public Test Server update. However, it seems it was not enough. The Ubisoft blog only said there are persistent “balancing” issues in the gear but did not elaborate on the matter.

In the previous patch notes, again per a Ubisoft blog post, the Seeker set proved to be too “strong” with its two-set and three-set bonuses. The proposed updates aimed to make the gear set advantageous to long-range players and Marksman Rifle users. There are no updates as to when the new set will appear.

Features, Fixes

According to Game Rant, developers at Massive Entertainment want to normalize the new Last Stand mode. Although the mode appears to be balanced so far, patch notes did elaborate that some skills do “too much” damage. This is why some of the other changes revolved around making players depend on things other than their gear skills.

This means weapons such as the Historian exotic marksman rifle will be nerfed for balance. The developers also want to help players branch out to other game roles such as tanks and damage dealers. Players can test the Update 1.6 on the PC.

The Last Stand mode is a variation of the Dead Zone area that is built on confrontation. Players are tasked to capture and defend certain points in a closed map. These are also their respawn points. Unlike the Dark Zone, however, each “instance” of the Last Stand is private, and players do not lose items at death.

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