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Nvidia Shield TV Specs & Price: New Streaming Box Has 4K HDR Support

Nvidia Shield TV


Nvidia Shield TV Specs & Price: New Streaming Box Has 4K HDR Support

The Nvidia Shield TV is a mega launch announced by Nvidia at CES 2017. This is the updated model and looks even smarter and sleeker as compared to the earlier version. Additionally, what is important is that 4K HDR support has also been integrated into the same.

This makes the Nvidia Shield TV a value proposition in more ways than one. The Nvidia Shield TV now comes as a major upgrade for customers. Amazon Video will now dish out 4K HDR content in tandem with several other services. These include YouTube, Netflix, Vudu and Google Play Movies.

PC Gamer reports that Nvidia has declared an OTA firmware update. This will be coming for the new Nvidia Shield TV later this month itself. This will support all the new features announced. This clearly implies that the original hardware framework has been kept intact.

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Google Assistant to be Included 

Firstpost also reports that Nvidia offers good performance with this TV and Google Assistant is another major feature to be integrated. This enables absolutely hands free operational abilities. You can use voice commands instead of the remote.

These commands will help you pause or search for content and likewise. The SmartThings Hub has also been integrated. According to the Nvidia CEO, Jen Hsun Huang, this is the most advanced streaming solution in the world.

The new AI home feature enables interactions and control over content throughout the home with artificial intelligence. Nvidia also offers the Spot remote microphone device with 20 feet of range supported.

Other Important Information

The Shield TV is powered by the Tegra X1 ARM chip and gets four Cortex A-57 cores. There are four Cortex A-53 cores as well. 3 GB of RAM is also offered. You can get games from PCs along with support for GeForce Now.

You can get access to more than a thousand games from the game store here. The TV can be pre-ordered for both 16 GB and 500 GB versions. The former costs around $200 while the latter is priced at $300.

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