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One Piece Thousand Storm English Release Date Set For Winter 2017

One Piece Thousand Storm
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One Piece Thousand Storm English Release Date Set For Winter 2017

Fans of the Straw Hats will no doubt rejoice as the One Piece Thousand Storm western release has been announced by Bandai Namco. This is another new version of the game which anime lovers would enjoy.

The One Piece iOS and Android 3D action RPG will be available in the west this winter 2017. For those interested, there will be a pre-registration at the official website of the game. And the good news is, there are awards for pre-registrants.

About 50,000 registers can unlock the three berry cards (three-stars) and five rainbow coins, while 100,000 registers can unlock three Trafalgar Law Medals (two years ago) and five rainbow coins. Aside from that, there are still two unannounced awards that will be given to an undetermined number of registers.

To pre-register, one can use an iOS or Android device. A certain email address or Twitter account is only allowed to register for one type of operating system.

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About One Piece Thousand Storm

One Piece Thousand Storm is a multi-player pirate RPG which could be enjoyed by up to three players. The team can be formed with one’s favorite characters even for a nationwide battle. A player can also befriend new characters by completing quests and events.

Another nice feature of the game is the Lobby wherein a player can talk with their teammates for pre-battle planning and strategy guidance, Gematsu reported. While in a battle, one can use the “Sticker Chat” to communicate with each other instantly.

One Piece Thousand Storm Characters And Skills

Characters like Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Trafalgar Law, Doflamingo, and many others are available in the game. These characters are very easy to control, allowing players to control them even by using just one hand. One can avoid and guard against an enemy’s attack using simple controls. This will also allow the player to help others who are in need. Also, this will help the gamer to unleash special skills and easily defeat enemies.

Character development is also possible using Scene Cards. This will help to improve the statistics of one’s character as well as help the character to learn new skills.

With the blasting skills, Luffy’s “Gear Fourth” can transform him into a Bound Man. Ace and Sabo will have “Hiken, Fire Fist” while Doflamingo has a “Birdcage” and Law has a “Gamma Knife”. But of course, there is a lot more which can be discovered as you play the game.

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