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Outlast 2 Banned in Australia – Censored Version Could Arrive

Outlast 2

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Outlast 2 Banned in Australia – Censored Version Could Arrive

Australian fans of Red Barrel’s Outlast 2 may not be able to receive the game on April 25. It seems a regulatory board has censored the game. This may bar players in Australia from playing the title unlike the rest of the world.

Gamers may consider Outlast 2 part of the highly anticipated games of the year because of its sheer content. The title is the second installment in the Outlast series. The horror franchise makes use of found footage style gameplay reminiscent of a lot of modern films.

A lot of fans attribute the potential of Outlast 2 with its new suburban setting. This highly deviates from the first game’s asylum setup. Players themselves found the title’s demo incredibly frightening. Unfortunately, this may have led to its eventual censorship.

Outlast 2: Australia Ban

The news was courtesy of Kotaku, which found out the game was actually refused classification in Australia. The Australian Classification Board did not give any particulars to their verdict. However, some consider the “implied” sexual violence in the demo is part of the reasons.

Regardless, this is strange as Red Barrel, the game’s publisher, even had the title classified for an R18+ rating in other countries. The board told Kotaku that part of the reason was “sexual violence” in some scenes of the demo.

The board refers to a particular scene where a female creature appears to be “thrusting” towards main character Blake. Lynn, the character’s wife, can be heard screaming for help elsewhere. Humanoid creatures are also all around them, praying or chanting while doing sexual acts.

However, it may help to consider that much of the events did not happen “directly.” According to the description in the article, much of the “sexual violence” was implied based on language, movement of characters, and the shaking of the camera. Interestingly, the board did note that if the game did not include “sexual violence” as described, it may have been rated R18+.

Release Details, Censored Version

Game Rant explains that it is a possibility that the Australian censors have drawn the line in this particular scene. Unfortunately, Red Barrels still has not made any comments about the event. Interestingly, it is always a possibility to release a “censored” version of the title.

Red Barrel has the option to release this in form of a patch or an update, or even an actual different “version.” Players of Resident Evil 7 can recall that the game was in fact censored in Japan. Eurogamer explains that RE7 had different Western and Japanese versions due to the sheer amount of gore present. Either way, the entry still had generally positive reviews.

Of course, the Outlast sequel’s potential censored version is merely speculation. Only Red Barrel can confirm their next move regarding this. Fans of the series can get the next installment on April 25 for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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