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Outlast 2 Release Date & Price Revealed For April 25 Launch

Outlast 2
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Outlast 2 Release Date & Price Revealed For April 25 Launch

After its delay in 2016, developer Red Barrels Studio confirmed on its Twitter account that Outlast 2 would come out on April 25, 2017. However, they only posted a photo of the announcement with no new trailer or gameplay demo to tease its fans.

According to GameRant, Red Barrels will price the game at US$29.99 for its digital copy. Meanwhile, fans of the game can purchase the physical copy of the game with the original Outlast and the Whistleblower expansion for US$39.99.

The later bundle, which includes two games and downloadable content, would be available on the same day as the upcoming game. Red Barrels called it the Outlast Trinity and it will also have a digital version and physical version.

Red Barrels confirmed before that the reason for the delay is because they want to deliver the most fulfilling experiences possible. It was a huge decision by the indie company but fans hope that the game would live up to its expectations.

Outlast 2: Most Anticipated Horror Game

Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 considered the sequel to Outlast as one of the best horror games to expect. Fans expect that delay would further increase its scariness as seen in its last gameplay teaser.

It would feature some of the previous contents of the original Outlast where the main character would have nothing but a camera. In the first game, the protagonist had to investigate an insane asylum filled with violent crazies.

Meanwhile, the next game would take place in what seems to be a farm-like setting. What sets it different from the first game is that the sequel would feature a cult of some sort. Developers have remained quiet as to what their next game would include.

Outlast 2 Gameplay: Cornfield Chase

The only gameplay teaser for the upcoming horror game consists the “Cornfield Chase” uploaded by GameSpot on YouTube. The chase starts inside a house where players would encounter a man sawing another person’s leg.

Upon going outside, it would lead the player into a cornfield, hence the title, which he can use to escape those chasing him. He also has to find good hiding places such empty barrels so that he can avoid being detected.

Finally, the player also has to use his trusty camera’s night vision mode to help him get out. However, the camera would only have limited batteries so he has to conserve them so that he does not have to deal with darkness. The game is set to come out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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